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Product code: 811949031969

PS4 game Neverwinter Nights Collector's Pack (pre-order)

As a deadly half-elven rogue, wield fearsome magics as a powerful gnomish sorcerer, vanquish your foes as an armor-clad dwarven paladin... whatever hero you create, incredible adventures await.

Discover magic, wonder, and danger at every turn on your own or with friends in these classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

• Original Neverwinter Nights campaign
• Shadows of Undrentide expansion
• Hordes of the Underdark expansion
• Kingmaker expansion
• Wyvern Crown of Cormyr premium module
• Infinite Dungeons premium module
• Pirates of the Sword Coast premium module
• Dice, Camera, Action! voice & portrait pack
• Adventurers of Neverwinter voice & portrait pack

Physical items include:
• a Neverwinter Nights “Eye” Medallion
• Set of 2 Pins
• Engraved Metal Dice Set
• Parchment Style Map
• Faux Leather Journal featuring the Neverwinter Nights Eye emblem
• 3 Hero Cards of Deekin, Aribethand Valsharess.

Release date: 06.12.2019

  • Available from 12/6/2019

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Game features
game type: role-play
language: english
release date: 06.12.2019
PEGI age rating: suitable for over 16 year old
main game: Yes
extension pack: Yes
General parameters
platform: PlayStation 4
publisher: Skybound
sale status: preorder

PS4 game Ultimate D&D Collectors Pack (pre-order)

PS4 game Ultimate D&D Collectors Pack (pre-order)


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Monthly payment6 €

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