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If you want to buy a new device, but don't want to throw away the old one, bring it to us. This way you get the new device at a lower cost of the old value and do good to the environment.

We accept used phones as well as Apple laptops and tablets. You can also use the discount that applies when returning an old device when purchasing a new device in instalments.

Prepare your old device for return

  • If you want to transfer data to a new device, back up your data from your current device or back up your data in another way (for example, to external media).
  • The returned device must not have a device or network lock.
  • The Find My iPhone / Find My Device feature must be turned off on the device.
  • Make sure you have removed all personal accounts and data from the device.

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What happens to my old device?

After inspecting the returned product, your old phone or computer will end up in a recycling centre, where it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. You can be sure that your device will not end up in a landfill or in the forest, but that parts of it will find a new owner in used or recycled form. By returning your old device and using the Trade-In service, you contribute to environmentally friendly and sustainable consumption.

Other Services

  • Hire-purchase

    You can pay for larger purchases with monthly payments.

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  • Best Price Guarantee

    If you find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we will refund the difference entirely.

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  • Protection

    Extend the warranty of your device for up to 2 years or protect against accidental damage.

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  • Delivery & Installation

    We bring your items to you quickly and conveniently. We will install your products upon request.

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1 Check the value of your device

Find your device using its name or IMEI number.

2Bring it to Euronics
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