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Other services - computer and smartphone help, protective glass installation, embroidery service

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Phone and Computer Setup

If you want to start using your new computer or smartphone right away, but need help setting up your product, feel free to contact your nearest Euronics store. Our experienced technicians will set up a device for you so that you can start using it hassle-free. In addition, we introduce the main features of different operating systems so that the use of your new device runs smoothly.
The price of computer setup starts from 25 euros, the phone setup package costs 15 euros. We setup devices for more specific configurations by agreement.
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Safety Glass Installation

Our specialists use a high-precision device to install the Belkin TrueClear Pro screen protector, which adheres to the very specific dimensions of your phone. When installed, the screen looks and feels as good as it does without the protective cover.
The service is available in Tallinn at Rocca al Mare, Ülemiste, Kristiine, Tammsaare, Mustakivi and Viru Center Euronics and in Tartu Lõunakeskus Euronics. Belkin TrueClear Pro screen protector can be installed on most common iPhone models.
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Embroidery Service

Make your clothes unique or give your favorite clothes freshness and a new look. With embroidery, you can also decorate and personalize gifts such as pillows or bath towels.
We also offer special solutions for companies for embroidering logos and insignia as well as employees' names on shirts, hats and other items. If you wish, we will help you create embroidery that you like and suits you.
We offer embroidery service at Rocca al Mare Euronics.
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