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Claiming conditions

1. Private persons can present their claims in relation to the purchased goods during 24 months time starting from the date the product has been handed over to the client. Legal persons can present their claims during time defined by the product manufacturer.

2. During the reclamation period the consumer can demand a free repair of defective goods. Should the malfunction be caused by manufacturer's fault, the cost of all manufacturing defects as well as work time and the cost of spare parts are covered.

3. Claims can only be presented based on the original document certifying the purchase.

4. The right to present claims does not apply to product tutorials, adjustments, cleaning, marketable condition recovery, as well as the elimination of defects caused by failure to observe the rules of usage.

5. The right to present claims does not apply to damage caused during transportation after the goods have been handed over to the buyer.

6. During the reclamation period Euronics does not provide free repair services, should the the product malfunction be caused by:

  • Errors in the installed software;
  • Natural wear and tear;
  • Improper use or maintenance (also if the device has been repaired or serviced by a person not authorized by the manufacturer);
  • Damaged, replaced or removed serial number, reference mark or label on the device and/or components;
  • Failure, of which the client was informed before buying the product at Euronics;
  • External factors. External factor include, but are not limited to, thunderstorm, inappropriate supply voltage and power surges, humidity, ingress of liquids, mechanical damage, etc.
  • The product is out of order due to the owner's fault as a result of improper use, failure to follow the manual, negligent treatment or care, or excessive load.

7. Euronics determines the liability based on the examination (diagnostics) carried out by an authorized representative of the manufacturer. If the examination reveals that the failure was caused by the abovementioned factors, and the item must be repaired, the customer can order a billable repair. Devices damaged due to liquid or moisture, and/or having mechanical damages, are only repaired for a fee.

8. Defectation fee is to be paid for examination (diagnosticis) of the device if Euronics is not liable for the malfunction, and if the product can not be repaired. The client also pays the defectation fee, should no fault be detected during examination (diagnostics) of the device and the unit operates in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

9. Private persons are exempt from paying the defectation fee during the first 12 months after purchase. In the case of contract concluded before 01.01.2022, this term is 6 months.

10. Should the customer not agree with Euronics' standpoint, the customer must confirm that:

  • The defect is present (based on evaluation by authorized expert);
  • The defect or its cause was present at the time of delivery;
  • Euronics is responsible for the defect.

11. If Euronics provided an additional warranty, Euronics has to rectify the defects according to the terms of an additional warranty..

12. In order to present your claim, please turn to Euronics store at the address specified on the check, or call the customer support line 640 6400 (Mon-Sun 9AM-9PM).

13. In addition to the rights deriving from the claiming conditions, the customer has all the other rights deriving from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.