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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Voluntary recall: Hairdryer GA.MA GH3537 Diva 3D Keration

Our priority at Euronics is to offer the highest quality products. Therefore, as a precaution, we voluntarily recall the hair dryers of the GA.MA GH3537 model.

Hairdryer GA.MA GH3537 Diva 3D Keration appearance and packaging.


Hairdryer GA.MA GH3537 - DIVA 3D KERATION

Product code:



GA.MA Srl, Via Sant'Alberto 1714 (40018), San Pietro in Casale (BO), Italy;  Made in PCR.

EAN code:


Device description:

Pink casing, black diffuser attachment, 2 black directional attachments, black controls, and black 2,2 m power cable with Europlug plug.  „Keration 3D THERAPY“ text printed on the casing. text with main technical data printed on the handle.

Main technical data:

Operating voltage 220-240V ~50Hz, Power consumption 2300W, Double shielded cable compliant with IEC 61140, AC motor.


Why did the manufacturer decide to recall these hair dryers?
In very rare cases (0.01%), the blades of the centrifugal fan may break mechanically during operation and damage the body of the hairdryer. The breakage is caused by the material of the centrifugal fan. There is a potential risk of injury.

How can I find out if my device has been recalled?
Only hairdryers that have the serial number 053-0401 19, and which were bought during the period of 05.04.2019 - 05.04.2021, will be recalled. Other hair dryers of the same model will not be accepted as recalled products.

How can I find out the serial number of my hairdryer?
The serial number is located on the handle of the hairdryer and is duplicated on the sticker at the bottom of the package.

Location of the serial number on the handle of the hairdryer and on the packaging.

What do I do if my hairdryer needs to be recalled?
Please stop using the hairdryer immediately and contact the customer service at Euronics by phone 6512 222 or by e-mail at
They will tell you exactly how to return the product and obtain a replacement product. We will replace the recalled product with a GA.MA hair dryer from the same price range or with the ones above that.
However, if you do not wish to replace the product, we will refund it for you.

What if my hairdryer doesn't meet the recall criteria?
If the product is not affected (the serial number is different), you do not need to do anything. The product is not recallable and is safe to use. The manufacturer has performed additional laboratory tests, the results of which have confirmed that no material defects occur in other batches.

What should I do if the serial number on the handle is worn out and no longer visible and there is no way to check the serial number on the package?
Selleks, et täielikult välistada potentsiaalseid ohte, käsitleme me kulunud seerianumbriga seadmeid identselt tagasikutsutud seadmetega.
In order to completely rule out all potential hazards, we treat devices with worn-out serial numbers exactly the same as recalled ones. Therefore, please stop using the GA.MA GH3537 hairdryer with a worn-out serial number and contact the customer service at Euronics.