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Friday, December 16, 2022

The clients of SEB Bank can now use Google Pay contactless payments

The service is available with all SEB Bank Mastercard cards on Android phones with NFC support and smartwatches with Wear OS 3 software.

Google Pay viipemakse

After LHV, Swedbank and Luminor, SEB is the fourth major bank in Estonia to launch Google Pay support for its clients after a long wait. Among the larger banks, only Coop Bank lacks support for contactless payments with smart devices.

SEB Bank launched Apple Pay support for its clients in April 2022. In May, the option to make contactless payments with Garmin and Fitbit watches was also added.

There are two ways to activate Google Pay payments with your SEB Bank card:
• Download the SEB mobile app and Google Wallet or update the existing apps to use the latest versions. Log in to the SEB application, open the “Cards” section, select a card and click “Add to Google Pay”. Follow the on-screen instructions and agree to the terms of use of the digital wallet. If the card was successfully added to Google Wallet, you will see a confirmation on the screen and receive a message from the bank.
• You can also use a smartwatch with Wear OS 3 or later software, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series or the Google Pixel Watch, to make contactless payments. To pay with the watch, download the Google Wallet app on the watch and follow the instructions on the watch. To complete the setup, you must follow the instructions displayed on the screen of the smartphone connected to the watch.

To make a contactless payment, you just need to hold your phone or smartwatch near the payment terminal. All Google Pay purchases are secure. If the payment exceeds 50 euros or if you have made several payments in a row, you need to unlock the device to pay using Google Pay. Payment must be made within 60 seconds.

The Google Pay payment solution is accepted wherever contactless payment is accepted. Users of Android phones can still make contactless payments with their phone using SEB Bank’s Android app.