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Monday, January 16, 2023

Beurer’s personal heating devices create a cosy atmosphere and help to save a lot of energy

Electric heating devices for the whole body consume up to 20 times less electricity and make life cosy.

Beurer heated blanket

With today’s high energy prices, saving on heating bills  has become important for all of us. However, the result is often that rooms are quite cold and uncomfortable to be in. Not to mention that too cold a room is not good for the health. While we can adjust the room temperature at home ourselves, the same problem is also common in offices where we have no control over the temperature lowered at the discretion of the employer.

This is where Beurer’s comfortable personal heating devices are of great help. It is true that we do not necessarily need to heat an entire room. It is enough that our body stays warm. This way, the heating costs will be much lower, while keeping the body comfortably warm.  Even the largest Beurer  heated blanket or heat pad consumes up to 20 times less energy than an electric heater.

Beurer heated blanket on the couch

You can snuggle up under a comfortable heated blanket in front of the TV and adjust the temperature just the way you like it. Beurer makes heated blankets in different sizes and designs, offering you a choice of just the right one.

A special foot warmer helps to keep your feet warm while you concentrate on work or studies at the desk. The electric foot warmer is especially comfortable during a cold winter when coming from a long walk in the forest or when feet have been in wet shoes for a long time during heavy rain.

Researchers recommend keeping the air temperature in the bedroom at 16°–18°, while the temperature in the bed should be 20°–30°. Heated sheets and underblankets keep the bed at the right temperature even on the coldest winter nights.

Beurer heat pad

However, a heat pad with adjustable temperature or an electric heat bag is perfect for warming up the back. A heated cushion helps to take care of your neck. Smart tube scarf with a powerbank and a heated belt help to keep you warm when you are outside.
Beurer’s electric heated blankets, sheets, cushions, foot warmers and other useful personal heating devices keep us comfortably warm exactly when we need it.

Beurer heated tube scarf

The cover materials of all Beurer’s personal heating devices are removable and machine washable. Electric heating elements are thoroughly tested and completely safe. None of Beurer’s heating devices can be heated to dangerous levels, and all have automatic shut-off for added safety and energy savings.