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Monday, July 11, 2022

Netflix adds spatial audio to original movies and series

The solution created in cooperation with Sennheiser offers a better experience on all devices that support standard stereo sound.

Netflixi kuvatõmmis

The solution based on Sennheiser's Ambeo technology places sound sources virtually in the optimal direction relative to the listener, taking into account what is happening on the screen. Using this data, a 360-degree sound field is created that can be transmitted as part of a normal stereo signal. However, this means that the spatial audio created in this way works with almost all devices, regardless of whether ordinary TV speakers, a soundbar or headphones are used.

A similar solution has previously been offered by, for example, Apple's AirPods headphones and Sony's PlayStation 5 console in select games.

Such universal spatial audio is not comparable in quality to a home theater with discrete sound channels. At the same time, it is still a good solution that offers an effective surround sound experience for everyone without investing in additional equipment. Netflix will automatically activate the new spatial audio feature on all devices with stereo sound. At the same time, Netflix still recommends using a special 5.1 channel- or Dolby Atmos-enabled sound system to get the best sound experience.

For now, spatial audio is supported on newer Netflix-produced content, including Stranger Things (season 4) and The Witcher. To find all movies and series with spatial audio support, enter the phrase "spatial audio" in the search box in the Netflix app.