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Monday, July 4, 2022

Microsoft Defender wants to make your digital life safer

Microsoft introduced a security center called Defender, which can be used not only on Windows, but also on macOS, iOS and Android.

Microsoft has been using the Defender name for its various cyber security solutions for many years. Now, however, a service using the familiar name, but with an updated approach, has arrived that works on many different devices. The new Microsoft Defender cross-platform solution gives users an easier overview of the security situation of devices and offers additional protection where possible.

Microsoft Defender is available to Microsoft 365 Premium or Family paid service subscribers. However, what is offered by the service differs depending on the device used. On devices using Apple's iOS and iPadOS, Defender does not offer antivirus protection, and the app provides better protection against phishing pages and shares information about the protection of other devices connected to the same account. For Android, however, Defender offers antivirus protection and the ability to detect malware apps. Also on Android, Defender offers link scanning and protection against phishing pages.

On Windows, Defender does not replace an integrated security solution, but provides a simplified overview of the antivirus activity. Antivirus solutions from third-party developers are also supported. In this way, Defender offers a clear overview of the situation even if Norton, Avast or some other antivirus is used.

It might seem like all this is perhaps superfluous, but getting a simple overview of the security of the whole family's devices in one place is convenient and often of critical importance to parents. Microsoft promises to add more new features to Defender in the future.