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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Try Braun body care products for up to 100 days!

Money-back guarantee if you don´t like the product!

Now is the time to try our Braun or Oral-B body care products as they come with the money-back guarantee. If for some reason they do not meet your expectations, you will receive a refund within 100 days from the date of purchase!

Braun and Oral-B campaign products::

• Braun shavers: 9330s, 9325s, 9390cc, 9370cc, 9365cc, 8330s, 8350s, 7893s, 7893PS, 7842s, 5147s, 50-1000s, 50-1200s, 50-1500s, 50-1600s, 50-1620s, 50-4500cs, 50-4650cs, 60-1000s, 60-1200s, 60-1500s, 60-4500cs, 70-1000s, 70-4200cs, 70-7200cc.

• Braun trimmers: MGK7221, MGK7220, MGK5280, MGK5260, MGK5245, BT7240, BT7220, BT5260, BT5060, BT5265, BT5065, BT5240, BT5040, BT5242, BT5042.

• Braun epilators: SES9002, SES9010, SES9020, SES9030, SES9300, SES9720, SES9710, SES9700, SES9980, SES9890, SES9880, SES9995BS, SES9985BS, SES5820, SES5810, SES5620, SES5610, SES5890, SES5500, SES5895BS;

• Braun IPL hair removal systems: PL5137, PL5117, PL5124, PL5014, PL5237, PL5223, PL5129, PL5115, PL3111, PL3132, PL3011.

• Braun Face: SE911, SE912, SE810, SE851, SE851v;

• Oral-B electric toothbrushes: GENIUS X 20000 & 20100; GENIUS 10000, 8900; SMART 6100, 6000, 5900, 4500, Teen, Junior; PRO2, PRO1, 2900, 900, 790, 750, Junior; Vitality 100, 150; AquaCare 4, AquaCare Pro Expert 6; iO Series 7, 8, 9.

If you don´t like the product, you can return it within 100 days from the day of purchase with the return label to the following address:

AbeStock AS,
Mustjuure 9, Tallinn, 10618,
Phone: +372 650 5555,

The product has to be in the original packaging and can only be returned to the above-mentioned address.