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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Traffic accident report can now be filled in online

The new solution of the Estonian Motor Insurance Bureau is available to the clients of all insurance undertakings and makes reporting traffic accidents faster and more convenient.

LKF-i liiklusõnnetuse digiteavituse keskkond

Even the slightest “denting” is an unpleasant and worrisome event. Trying to find a traffic accident report form in an already very stressful situation and especially rushing to the nearest petrol station to get it if you don’t already have it is quite an unpleasant experience. And then there is contacting the insurance undertaking, of course.

Now, however, the Estonian Motor Insurance Bureau has made filling in the traffic accident report easier and created an online environment for this at

According to the representative of the Estonian Motor Insurance Bureau, the digital traffic accident report is a new feature of Estonia’s e-state, which makes reporting a traffic accident at the scene of the event easier and more convenient. The option to fill in the traffic accident report on paper will remain, but there is now an alternative to it by filling in the report on a smartphone. The application immediately transmits data together with photos to the insurance undertaking, which speeds up the review and indemnification of the case. If the circumstances of the traffic accident require the notification of the police or if a person has been injured, the alarm centre must be notified over the phone at 112.

Filling in the report and taking photos takes only about 10–15 minutes. The digital report is intuitive, provides multiple options to choose from and even an inexperienced user can easily fill in the report. The main focus is on taking photos of the scene of the event and recording the circumstances of the accident. Once the data have been confirmed, the damage report is sent to the insurance undertaking of your choice for review.

The police also encourage those involved in an accident with property damage to report traffic accidents without papers: “The new digital report simplifies reporting a traffic accident at the scene of the event and saves time for police officers. Solving so-called denting situations requires a lot of working hours from police officers. If those involved in the accident can record the situation online themselves and a patrol officer does not have to drive out to the scene of the event to bring a pen and paper, it’s a big timesaver.”

Watch the intro video of the new service: