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Monday, June 6, 2022

Prepare delicious fresh pasta quickly with the clever Philips machine

Choose from eight different pasta varieties and prepare your favourite in just ten minutes!

Philips pastamasin töös

Freshly made pasta is something you can’t buy in store. Many fine restaurants do not serve very fresh pasta either. But the difference in the flavour of fresh and store-bought pasta is huge.

Now you can make just the kind of pasta you crave at home in just ten minutes! Plus, it is very easy. The Philips fully automatic pasta maker prepares three portions of pasta in less than ten minutes.

The machine is fully automatic – just add the ingredients, press the button and the machine does the rest. The machine comes with eight different attachments for making different varieties of pasta. This allows you to easily make spaghetti in two different thicknesses, tagliatelle, penne, lasagne, pappardelle and fettuccine type pasta and angel hair noodles.

Of course, you can choose all the pasta ingredients and recipes yourself. You can also make colourful pasta products, be it colourful red penne or mysterious black spaghetti.