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Monday, May 9, 2022

Euronics opened Estonia’s first AutoStore robotic warehouse

The 28 robots of the unique robotic warehouse can handle up to 600 boxes per hour. This allows picking the customer’s order 20 seconds after the conclusion of the purchase transaction, speeding up the execution of orders 4–8 times.

AutoStore robot Euronicsi kesklaos

According to Rivo Reinson, Director of Logistics at Euronics, the robotic warehouse allows them to keep pace with the growing sales volumes so that customers can receive their goods even faster than before. “Fast preliminary work in the warehouse allows us to hand the goods over to couriers for delivery to customers even faster. The new system also allows us to inventory the stocks of goods ten times more frequently than before – this way, customers will also receive more accurate information about the availability of goods,” Reinson said.

The robotic warehouse will serve both private and business customers as well as online store orders, which will be picked by robots within 20 seconds to 3 minutes after the purchase is made in the online store.

The robotic warehouse built in the premises of the central warehouse covers approximately 600 square metres and can accommodate up to 21,000 boxes with internal dimensions of up to 600 x 400 x 300 millimetres and weight limit of 35 kilograms at a time. The power consumption of the 28 robots is low. 10 robots in total consume less power than one vacuum cleaner or refrigerator. Depending on the operation, picking orders will be 4–8 times faster than before. The correctness of orders and the tracking of goods in the warehouse will become even more accurate, reducing assembly errors and allowing possible mistakes to be detected.

Even a simultaneous technical failure of several robots would not significantly affect the system’s capacity. The remaining robots can continue working and cover the workflow of absent robots. Major malfunctions are resolved using HoloLens augmented reality glasses where the image, sound, documents and instructions can be shared with the system supplier’s technicians through the glasses of the local technician.

Euronics has been working on automating the company’s operations for years. A robotic line for printing and sorting user manuals was put into operation in 2019, which can be further improved in the near future thanks to the AutoStore solution. The new robotic warehouse system has also created good preconditions for the development of an automated packaging line. Today, nearly 80% of the company’s mechanical work necessary for issuing customer orders is automated and solving the remaining 20% will be the focus in the coming years.

Euronics is an international retail and wholesale group with more than 14,000 stores in 36 countries. Euronics has been operating in Estonia since 2003 and today is the largest distributor of home appliances and electronics on the market.