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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Euronics’ new award-winning website now works on screens of all sizes

The customers of, which has twice been selected as the most user-friendly online store for technology goods, can now experience the new quality of user experience also on mobile devices.

Euronicsi e-pood mobiilses seadmes

Last year, Euronics’ online store underwent a thorough update, which brought a much simpler and more convenient user experience familiar from the computer. The new design was very well received by customers and quickly won the Grand Prix for the most user-friendly online store as well as the title of the most user-friendly online store for technological goods at a competition organised by Äripäev’s theme site In this year’s competition, Euronics’ online store was chosen as the most user-friendly online store for technological goods for the second year running!

The award-winning innovative online store solution is now also available on mobile devices. A solution specifically designed for smart devices was replaced by a state-of-the-art responsive version, which always automatically adapts to the screen of the user’s device, regardless of whether using a desktop computer with a large screen, a medium-sized tablet, or a rather small smartphone.

This important update means that our customers can now use their mobile devices to take advantage of all the features of the new online store such as a clearer and more comprehensive menu of product categories and much faster product search. The shopping cart with its options has also been made clearer and easier, and there are now fewer steps to the whole shopping process. Smart devices now also have access to an easy-to-find updated services menu and a thoroughly updated news section where customers can find useful tips, in-depth reviews and exciting technology news.