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Notebook 535, Samsung


Notebook 535, Samsung

With the Samsung Series 5 535 there’s no compromise, as it offers the perfect balance of performance and portability.

• Large storage you want
• Thin (14.9 ~ 17.6 mm) and light (1,52 kg)
• Samsung Fast Solutions - wakes in 2 seconds
• Superior Display
• PowerPlus Battery - up to 6 hours of power

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Large Storage You Want

Having an ultra-portable notebook has always meant sacrificing storage – until now. Unlike other slim notebooks the Samsung Series 5 535 has a huge amount of space for your files. Its ultra large capacity HDD can store up to 500 GB of data, so can always enjoy your favorite music, pictures and movies.

The Ultimate Design for On the Go

Carrying a heavy notebook is always a big burden, especially for professionals who are always on the road. The Samsung Series 5 535 is amazingly portable and perfectly designed for a mobile life. Because it’s remarkably thin (14.9 ~ 17.6 mm) and light (1.52 kg with HDD) it’s easy to take it with you anytime and anywhere – so you’ll always have your own office.

Samsung Fast Solutions

You can work and play even more efficiently with the blazingly fast performance of the Samsung Series 5 535. With Fast Start wakes from sleep within just 2 seconds*.

* Speed will vary depending on the configuration, applications used and wireless settings.

Expandable and upgradable features

A lack of storage or memory can really hamper your ability to work efficiently. The Samsung Series 5 535 includes a HDD (max. 500 GB) with over 2x the capacity of other slim models and up to 8 GB of upgradable memory to help you multi- task effectively. Plus it includes a full HDMI port and VGA adapter.

On the Go –
Without Stopping to Recharge

Now you need never worry about unexpectedly having to stop work. The Samsung Series 5 535 delivers up to 6 hours* of power on a single charge. So whether you’re on a flight or at your favorite café you can stay focused on your work – or having fun! And Samsung’s BatteryLife Plus technology extends the battery life up to 1,500 cycles / 3 years.

* Battery life based on MobileMark test scores that will vary based on configuration.

Samsung Superior Display Technology

Every photo, video, website and document just looks stunning with the Samsung Series 5 535’s 13.3” HD SuperBright screen and Image Enhancer technology. Your eyes will feel less tired with 50% brighter* screen and it’s also anti- reflective, so you can see everything clearly even in the sunshine.

*Compared to 200 nit screen

Super Bright Screen

Every photo, video, website and document just looks stunning with the SuperBright screen. It’ s 50% brighter*, so everything is brought vividly to life with the boldest and brightest colors. And because it’s anti-reflective your eyes will feel less tired and you can see everything clearly even in the sunshine.

*Compared to 200 nit screen

HD Display

You no longer have to struggle to see everything on the screen. A HD high resolution display gives you much more viewing area and images and text are incredibly sharp. So you can multi-task and get things done with ease and enjoy every little detail of your favourite pictures and films.

Professional Durability & Style

The Samsung Series 5 535 unites professional style and durability. The sophisticatedly simple and refined exterior is a cool metallic aluminum, while the underside is made with fiber glass that’s light but resistant to wear and damage. So you’ll always be shielded from the bumps and knocks of life on the road – while still looking good