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Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner

Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
  • Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
  • Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
  • Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
  • Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
  • Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
  • Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
  • Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
  • Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
  • Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner

Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner

Product code: HOBOT388 Brand: Hobot
459.99 €

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• Can be used on any thickness of glass 
• Cleaning pattern: Rotating, Zigzag
• Cleaning speed: 4.0 min/m2
• Rotational speed: 70 rotations per minute
• 3 automatic modes
• Pressure sensor
• Controllable via smartphone
• Allowed size of the cleanable window > 35 x 35 cm
• Dual cleaning function
• Automatically stops when cleaning is complete

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192 BP
459.99 €

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Product name Hobot, black - Robot window cleaner
Price 459.99 €
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Bio-mimicry technology ultrasonic water spray
Nebulizes water into 15 micrometer dense mist to dissolve dust and polish windows without leaving watermarks.

Water spray evenly and perfectly
Nebulized water is sprayed evenly on the surface of the window then left a beautiful C-Curve while operating. Elegantly remove the stubborn dust off the window with evenly and perfectly water spray.

Bio-mimicry Technology Rotation Brush Glass
Two specially-designed cleaning wheels instead of a driving tread. It can move freely and smoothly on the window surface without any tracks left by using a unique system of surface movements. 

Vacuum Motor Designed
A forceful vacuum sucks out a large proportion of the dust and also helps two cleaning wheels covered with a microfiber cloth extra removing the impurities.

Pressure change detection 
Hobot is equipped with the pressure change detection module, it will automatically reverse when there's a big pressure chang, HOBOT-388 can work on the edge of glass freely. 

Safety First - Automatic Initialization Check
HOBOT runs a series of the function check and environment check before each task to ensure the best performance and result.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
The very fine and soft synthetic fabric strands are ideal for cleaning removing dust and dirt in ease and leaving no mark.

Two Specially-Designed Cleaning Wheels
Up to 70 rpm of rotated wiping to restore the window sparkling clean by imitating hand gestures to brush glass.

Working on Multi-Surface
With a high volume centrifugal pump which supplies negative pressure consistently, HOBOT is able to overcome small air leakages and move well on rough surfaces.

Smartphone Control and Remote Control
HOBOT can be controlled by both iOS and Android smartphones and remote control included in the box.

HOBOT Window Detergent
HOBOT Window Detergent is specially formulated to work with HOBOT-388 ultrasonic spray nozzle, pure water also works just fine too!

Replaceable Water Tank
In case needed to replace the clogged ultrasonic spray nozzle, simply replace the entire water tank module with one screw, HOBOT will work as new again!

Long Power Cord
The power cord is as long as 5 meters that allows HOBOT to work on a large area or even when the power outlet is far from the window.

Embedded UPS System
Embedded UPS keeps HOBOT staying in position with alerting sound for 20 minutes.


  • Vacuum cleaner

    type robot window cleaner
    motor power 90 W
  • Power supply

    power cord length 5 m
    power supply mains
    battery type Li-Po
    working time up to 20 min.
  • Functions

    vacuum cleaner functions surface washing
  • Dimensions

    width 29.5 cm
    height 12 cm
    depth 14.8 cm
    0.915 kg
  • General parameters

    special characteristics Vacuum motor, controllable via smartphone and remote control, integrated UPS (uninterruptible power supply) prevents the robot from falling in case of a power outage, anti-fall algorithm automatically detects obstacles and window frames, strong safety rope (150 kgf)
    noise power 65 dB
    kit contains remote control, cleaning cloth (14 pcs)
    manufacturer Hobot
    colour black
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