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Product code: FGBWHWPF-102

Wall Plug F Fibaro


Wall Plug F Fibaro

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Fibaro Wall Plug - a smart switch with power metering for electrical devices.

• Apple HomeKit compatible
• Siri voice control
• Power measuring feature
• Type F plug

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Heat Controller Fibaro

Heat Controller Fibaro


79.99 €

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Fits perfectly
FIBARO Wall Plug is the smallest and most attractive device of this type available in the world. Its modern design perfectly fits in with any interior design.

Many features in a single device
Plugs come with a power switch, energy monitor, power measurement and overvoltage protection.

Color coded power usage
The crystal LED ring changes its color according to the amount of power used by the plugged device. A practical feature in a pretty package.

Use it wherever you are
The mobile app allows you to manage the FIBARO Wall Plug from any place in the world. You may switch on devices and monitor their operation even when you’re hundreds of miles away from home.

Immediate notifications
Any detected use of energy can prompt the system to immediately send a notification to your smartphone.

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