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Trimmer set Panasonic (ER-GB86-K503)

Trimmer set Panasonic

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Wet&Dry Beard Trimmer with powerful cutting system

A beard trimmer designed for all types of beard and control over any length of facial hair. ER-GB86 features a powerful cutting motor, special wider blades, 3 attachments and 58 cutting lengths. Achieve any desired style, simply from the comfort of your home.

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Trimmer set Panasonic

Trimmer set Panasonic


89.99 €

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Multiple Trimming Length Settings
Three attachments provide 58 cutting lengths, from 0.5 to 30mm with intervals of 0.5mm.

Easy styling of long beards
The 30mm attachment precisely aligns whiskers to enable trimming to a uniform length. Now you can shape an attractive long beard even if you're a beginner.

Smooth cutting for every beard style
A powerful High-Torque DC motor for smooth cutting of even hard, dense beards.
60% wider pitch between blades* to catch more whiskers with a single stroke.

Smooth Cutting for Barber Beard Style
To catch more whiskers with a single stroke, the new blade system features a wide pitch between blades. This effectively captures even long, dense whiskers in the cutting zone.