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When the unimaginable happens...

Our protection plans will keep you out of trouble. Find out how!

The best protection for your home appliances, electronics and smart devices

More information about the benefits of Extended Warranty and Device Protection

Extended Warranty

Technology has become so advanced and complex that the odds of running into potential failures are great. That is further reflected by the ever-decreasing product lifespans and the shortening of manufacturer warranties.

Since technology is playing an increasingly important and broad role in our lives, the chance of experiencing defects or malfunctions is high. Repairing an out-of-warranty device may turn out to be very costly or even impossible. According to statistics, 40-50% of all large appliances have been repaired or replaced between their 3rd to 5th year and 1/3 of them have required multiple repairs. Further, about 80% of defective TV's would have been costlier to fix than to buy a new one.

Extended Warranty adds two additional years to your existing manufacturer warranty, making a total of 4 years.

Device Protection

Accidents and thieves always catch us by surprise. A smartphone can slip through our fingers or a coffee mug spill on our laptop. Over half of smartphone and tablet owners have experienced cracked screens. Sometimes an accident is caused by our child, pet or lightning. Each day, 20 people on average have their phones stolen in Estonia. For those very reasons, you have the option to protect against all damages and theft, so you could enjoy your devices carefree for longer.

Device Protection is a perfect shield against accidental damages (including total loss of product) and theft for up to 2 years from the moment of purchase.

Double Protection

Two is better than one. If the previous two plans are an accurate description of your life, Double Protection is the perfect plan to help you free yourself from all technology-related worries. 

Double Protection gives you full protection from all manufacturing defects for a total of 4 years and all damages (including theft) for 2 years from the moment of purchase.


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2 years to present a claim (private persons)*

Extended protection against manufacturing defects for up to 4 years (private persons)


Extended protection against manufacturing defects for up to 2 years (legal persons)


Free transportation to service center and back (for products weighing over 10kg, only in Estonia)


Replacement product during servicing***





Protection for accidental damages for up to 2 years (incl. total loss of product)



Theft and robbery protection



Insurance valid worldwide


Free damage inspection


Quick loss adjustment



Deductible (double fee if device is missing)



From 10€

From 10€

Service plan starting at...





* Manufacturer's terms and conditions may apply
** Using replacement products involves a one-time cleaning and delivery fee of 9.90€
*** We offer replacement products to following product categories: TVs, big domestic appliances, mobiile phones

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Call 651 2222 for more information. Our customer support representatives answer your calls on every day of the week from 9am until 21pm. More information about Extended Warranty and Device Protection can be found under each product in Euronics' online store.

Terms and conditions (valid from 10.04.2018)
Click here for terms and conditions of device insurance (Device Protection).
Click here for terms and conditions of device warranty insurance (Extended Warranty).
Click here for terms and conditions of device protection insurance (New & Improved).
Click here for terms and conditions for business clients.

Previous terms and conditions
Click here for previous terms and conditions (issued 04.04.2016 – 31.10.2017) of device insurance and warranty.
Click here for previous terms and conditions (issued 01.11.2017 – 09.04.2018) of device insurance and warranty.

Price list valid from 01.02.2020

As a policyholder, Euronics has concluded the insurance contract for electronic and smart devices, where buyers have the option to keep the insurance cover for their devices in the insurance of third person’s insured risk principle.