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DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer

DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer

DJI RS 3 Mini, black - Camera Stabilizer

Product code: CP.RN.00000294.01 Brand: DJI
389.99 €

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DJI RS 3 Mini is a small, lightweight, and powerful camera stabilizer with impressive carrying capacity. It supports major hybrid cameras and lens combinations, offering excellent stabilization capability. The RS 3 Mini allows you to unlock your creative potential and achieve professional results with ease.

• Innovative compact design
• Lightweight and easy to control
• Powerful carrying capacity
• Professional stabilization
• Versatile camera movements
• Easy to use

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DJI RS 3 Mini is the first Mini version in the RS series, providing a small, lightweight, and powerful camera stabilizer. It supports major hybrid cameras and lens combinations, inheriting the excellent stabilization capability of the RS 3 series. With DJI RS 3 Mini, unleash your filmmaking potential and easily achieve professional results.

Breakthrough in a compact body

RS 3 Mini is innovatively redesigned, featuring a smaller build, integrated battery, and vertical shooting capability. The compact and portable body fits easily into a shoulder bag, allowing you to travel light. In use, the RS 3 Mini is approximately half the size of the RS 3 Pro, making it comfortable for prolonged use.

Ultralight and easy to control
RS 3 Mini weighs only 795g for portrait shooting, approximately 50% lighter than the RS 3 Pro. It weighs only 850g for horizontal plate shooting. Additionally, the focused balance point provides a more stable and ergonomic handheld experience.

Simple and powerful
RS 3 Mini has a carrying capacity of up to 2kg, making it the best choice in its weight category, easily handling larger setups like the Sony A7S3 + 24-70mm F2.8 GM lens. It supports major full-frame or APS-C hybrid cameras, enabling a wide range of camera and lens combinations. With high-torque motors, the RS 3 Mini can maintain stable shooting even with longer focal length lenses without requiring rebalancing.

Professional stabilization
Utilizing the same outstanding 3rd generation RS stabilization algorithm, RS 3 Mini achieves professional-level image stabilization. Whether it's shooting from low angles or in flashlight mode, your shots will remain stable.

Versatile camera movements
The unique size and features of RS 3 Mini provide ample opportunities for achieving rich camera movements and compositions. It reduces the need for re-shooting due to camera shake, allowing you to capture every moment and rely more on your creativity.

Filming near people?
RS 3 Mini can achieve smooth camera movements effortlessly. You don't have to pay too much attention to your movements and pace.

Dynamic 360° rotation
Dynamic 360° rotation provides strong visual impact and eye-catching shots.

New dual-layer quick release plate
The upgraded dual-layer quick release plate includes an upper plate with a curved mounting direction, preventing camera rotation and loosening of the connection. Clear mounting and locking indicators enhance efficiency in setup and holding. It also follows the ARCA standard, enabling convenient switching between tripods.

Vertical shooting without additional accessories
The RS series has achieved a breakthrough in vertical shooting with RS 3 Mini. Switch to vertical mode directly without additional accessories. Simply attach the standard quick release plate to the gimbal's vertical arm and capture content optimized for social media.

NATO extension port
RS 3 Mini is equipped with a NATO port, supporting the installation of accessories such as short handles and external lights.

Bluetooth trigger control
RS 3 Mini is equipped with Bluetooth trigger control, debuting with RS 3 Pro. This feature supports major hybrid camera models and allows RS 3 Mini to automatically reconnect to the camera after initial pairing. After Bluetooth connection, you can directly control the camera using the gimbal's record button to start recording videos and taking photos. When using a Sony camera with a supported digital lens, you can control optical or digital zoom directly through the first dial, eliminating the need for a camera control cable.

Gimbal mode switch button
Press the M button to switch between PF (pan follow), PTF (pan and tilt follow), and FPV modes. Photographers can customize the follow speed and other parameters on the touchscreen, facilitating a smoother and more intuitive shooting experience.

1.4-inch full-color touchscreen
RS 3 Mini is equipped with a 1.4-inch color touchscreen with a new user interface. Most functions can be adjusted without using the app, and general settings are quickly and intuitively accessible.

Front-wheel focus control
Like other DJI RS series models, RS 3 Mini is equipped with an ergonomic front wheel that rotates to adjust focus, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and other parameters. Control the three-axis movement with the front wheel for a more efficient single-handed shooting experience.

10-hour continuous filming

The integrated battery supports up to 10 hours of working time, providing enough power for filming throughout the day. RS 3 Mini can be quickly recharged in just 2.5 hours, allowing you to resume filming rapidly. It can also be used even while charging.


  • Tripod

    Type Selfie stick
    Max. load 2 kg
    compatible device weight 400 - 2000 g
  • Screen

    screen size 1.4 "
    touch panel Yes
  • Functions

    configuration using app
  • Connection

    Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.1
  • Interfaces

    USB-C Yes
  • Dimensions

    weight 850 g
    height 9.8 cm
    width 19.5 cm
    depth 32.3 cm
  • General parameters

    manufacturer DJI
    colour black
  • Power supply

    power supply USB-C
  • Battery

    battery recharge time 2.5 h
    battery life up to 10 h
    capacity 2450 mAh
    capacity 17.64 Wh
  • Climate

    operating temperature -10 - 45 °C
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