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ID card reader USB, +ID
  • ID card reader USB, +ID
  • ID card reader USB, +ID
  • ID card reader USB, +ID
  • ID card reader USB, +ID

ID card reader USB, +ID

Product code: 4748001003724 Brand: +ID

ID card reader USB, +ID / 4748001003724

• Easy installation for all major operating systems (Windows, Mac & Linux)
• Compatible with any full size smart card (ID1)
• Unique design & form - small size makes it an ideal reader for personal and business use
• LED Status card detection indicator
• Black matte finish
• ID card is firmly attached by unique four point support solution

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Simple design

North-European design combined with the highest technological knowledge from Taiwan. And we are happy that this combination makes +iD the best solution for you, anywhere you need it.


Carefully engineered to be the smallest device of its kind available on the market for full size (ID1) smart card readers. It transforms into a smart card reader for full-sized contact smart cards with a single turn.

Easy to use

The highly compact reader is especially designed to be carried and used anytime and anywhere. Just take it out of your pocket, turn, stick it to computer’s USB port and it’s ready to use.


• e-Identification
• e-Government
• e-Banking and e-Payment
• e-Healthcare
• e-Commerce
• Public key infrastructure / digital signature
• Network Security
• Access Control system
• Common Access Card (CAC) authorization applications

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