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Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump

Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump
  • Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump

Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump

Product code: KA35XR0E Brand: Hisense
799.99 €
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This innovative climate device provides an efficient and comfortable solution all year round. Thanks to pre-heating technology, the unit operates even in extremely cold conditions and ensures clean and healthy air quality due to a multi-layer air purification system.

• 360° Full DC inverter technology ensures smooth and quiet operation
• Pre-heating and electric heating chassis is ideal for cold weather
• Includes HI-NANO technology, effectively removing viruses and bacteria
• Remote and voice control options provide convenience of use
• Energy-saving and various sleep modes allow for device customization as needed

When installing an air conditioner or heat pump, it involves modifying the technical systems of a building. According to Appendix 1 of the Building Code, for the renovation of a residential building, it is necessary to submit a construction notification and project to the local municipality. The construction notification does not incur any state fees. However, Euronics does not provide the service of preparing the construction notification and project.

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333 BP
799.99 €


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Hisense, Energy SE, 3,5 kW - Air heat pump

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High-end technology for best performance
360° Full DC inverter technology is a collection of highendtechnology, which realizes intelligent operation of air conditioner and minimizes energy loss. The compressor runs more efficiently and smoothly, the temperature control is more precise, and the unit is quiet.

High quality air assured - Multi-layer air purifying technology
Air travels through multiple filters and each has the function to provide you with better and healthier air. The most common filters in our ACs are Vitamin C filter, Catechin filter, Silver Ion filter and HEPA filter.

HEPA filter captures 80 % more of dust particles than classical filters, ensuring even fresher and purer ambient air.
Vitamin C filters are an added protection that proovides extremely clean air. Such pure air is healthy for the skin, as it does not cause itching, softens the skin and reduces stress while providing therapeutic benefits.

Silver ion filter is a highly efficient sterilizing filter that effectively stops bacteria from growing.
Catechin filter is an extract from green tea, which, thanks to its oxidation and sterilization effects, is added to the filters. Active enzymes create a benzene core that absorbs unpleasant odor and harmful substances in the atmosphere.

The catechin filter intercepts and sterilizes dust particles effectively and in the long term. Its antibacterial effect destroys more than 95% of bacteria.

Protects your home and your health - HI-NANO
HI-NANO can effectively remove viruses and bacteria including Coronavirus (COVID-19) by releasing high concentration ions, creating a healthy environment and protecting health. HI-NANO has been proven to remove 92.6%* H1N1 and sterilize 88.54%* of E.coli in 2 hours. The Healthy high-concentration ions also can effectively remove airborne dust as HI-NANO has been proven to remove 60.07%* of PM2.5 in 2 hours, purifying the air around you. The HI-NANO technology has been proven safe and has been authorized to apply the UL mark.

Improving the efficiency in winter - Outdoor unit chassis heater 
Special outdoor chassis heater improves the defrosting efficiency of the chassis in winters and therefore helps to maintain your air conditioner’s optimum heating performance throughout the entire season and to extent the unit’s life span.

Wifi Control
Control your air conditioner anytime and anywhere conveniently – inside and outside your home using just your Android or iOS device. Simply ensure a comfortable living environment at home at all times.

Master your life - Smart voice Control
The new ConnectLife APP is compatible with Google virtual assistant or Amazon Alexa to lead the smart life. Thanks to voice interaction, it is possible to switch on, off and regulate the temperature, as well as setting the operating mode (cooling or heating).

Automatic louver swinging - 4D auto swing
By automatic movement of horizontal louvers in a specific order, the device ensures optimum distribution and flow of cool or warm air through the room in all four directions. The remote controller can also set fixed louver angle thus variety of air supply options to meet different needs.

Save energy & keep your home from Freezing 8 °C heating 
In chilly winter, the special heating mode keeps your home from freezing, by maintain it at 8°. When you are away from home for long periods, you will save energy, protect the furniture and water pipes, or offer the comfortable situation for the pets.

Self-diagnosis Protection
In case of failure, the error code is clearly displayed and easy to repair. In case of system overload, the emergency power off is initiated automatically to ensure safety.

Anti-bacteria fin
The fin of air conditioning heat exchanger adopts bacteriostatic fin, which makes the bacteria not easy to breed and the air is more pure.

Turbo mode - Super Cool
The turbo frequency increase technology enables rapid cooling or heating and allows you to enjoy larger airflow, so to feel comfortable in a shorter time.

Energy saving, low carbon and environment friendly - Green and Safe refrigerant
The R32 is environment-friendly refrigerant with a higher cooling capacity at the same volume, thus less refrigerant is needed in every device. Advantages of R32 refrigerant are: zero impact on ozone in the air, 66% lower GWP (impact on global warming) than gas R410A, higher energy efficiency, high thermal conductivity and cooling capacity.
1 W Standby Saving the energy -  In standby mode, the air conditioning device automatically starts the energy saving mode. Instead of 5 W, only 1 W per hour is used, which means 80 % energy savings.

Economy mode operation 
Without complicated settings, the AC immediately enters into energy saving mode to minimize power consumption while providing comfort.

Two ways to suit your needs -Dual drainage
Drainage, electrical and gas connection from either the left or the right side allows easier installation. It is easy to install, and you can choose from left or right to best suit your needs.

Saving time with easiness - Easy maintenance
With the new indoor machine structure, you have no need to move evaporator when disassembling indoor electromechanical machine. Maintenance and efficiency are thus much improved.

Best temperatures for everybody’s vital sleep -Four sleep modes
Sleep is vital for our body and resting comfortably brings benefits for our health. Selectable sleep modes are providing different sleep temperature, caring for all family members: adult, elderly, youth, children. The temperature curve will adjust automatically and intelligently, so you can fall asleep comfortably.

Night mode operation - Sleep mode
This function enables automatic increasing of set temperature by 2 °C after one hour of operation. The temperature then remains constant and you can benefit from a comfortable sleep environment.

Preset daily mode operation - Timer 24 h
You can set a specific time during the day to have the AC automatically turned on or off. No worries, just a simple pleasure of all-ways being in right temperatuure.

One click for perfect room temperatuure - Smart mode
Just press the “Smart” button and the air conditioner will automatically adjust to the most comfortable temperatuure according to the room temperature.

Adjusting the temperature with remote - I FEEL
The remote control measures the room temperature and relays the information to the unit. Not only the indoor temperature, but also the temperatuure around the user is transmitted to the indoor unit through the sensor on the wireless remote control. The indoor unit is operated and adjusted according to the perceived temperature to achieve intelligent temperature control in the room.

Absorbs particles and unpleasant odour - Active carbon filter
The Active Carbon filter includes a charcoal which in addition to particles, captures also chemicals, fumes, and cigarette smoke. Thus, it is the perfect solution to absorb and remove the air unpleasantries, so you can enjoy the fresh and clean air.

Indoor Self Clean
Hisense’s patented second generation cleaning technology takes care of indoor maximum performance. Purification process via frosting and defrosting cycle and high-temperature drying remove dust, bacteria and oil from the units effectively and easily to keep the air conditioner clean and safe.

Quiet mode 19dB (Sound pressure) - Reducing noise to your convenience
Silent operation The noise lowers to 19dB (A), helping to give you a quiet and comfortable environment, making you feel like a walk on the moon.

Heating at -22°C
Strong low temperature heating capacity, ensure that you can feel the warmth of the sun in the cold winter.
It is supported by our preheating technology, electric heating chassis technology and Powerful heat exchange system, used to maintain the room temperature.

• Heating power 12000 Btu/h
• Hidden LED display
• Dimmer 
• Self-diagnosis 
• Auto indoor fan
• Dehumidification capacity 1,2 l/h
• Freeze protection
• Voice control
• Silent operation for more comfort, 19dB(A)
• Remote control


Hisense, Energy SE, indoor, white - Air Heat pump (Product code: KA35XR0EG)

  • Climate

    type inverter
    functions cooling, cleaning, ventilation, dehumidify, heating
    controls remote control, WiFi control
  • Air Conditioning

    Recommended cooling area 28-45 m²
    Recommended heating area 28-50 m²
    Cooling capacity 3500 W
    Heating capacity 3900 W
    Energy Efficiency Class (Cooling) A+++
    Energy Efficiency Class (Heating)
    Moisture Removal 1.2 L per hour
    Airflow 580 m³/h
    Efficiency (Cooling / SEER) 8.5
    Efficiency (Heating / SCOP)
    Cooling capacity (min-max.) 1000 - 4000 W
    Heating capacity (min-max.) 1000 - 4400 W
    Electrical feed 220-240V ~ 50Hz, 1P
    Input power (Heating) 1000 W
    Input power (Cooling) 890 W
    Amps (Heating) 4.5 A
    Amps (Cooling) 4 A
    Colour white
  • Dimensions

    7.6 kg
    height 25.6 cm
    width 79.8 cm
    depth 19.1 cm
  • General parameters

    manufacturer Hisense
    special characteristics Heating at - 22°C , 8 °C Heating, HI-NANO Sterilization, 4 in 1 filter: vitamine C + catechin + sliver + HEPA, 360 Full DC inverter, Wi-Fi, 4D Auto-swing
    noise power 56 dB
    sound pressure 26 - 40 dB

Hisense Energy SE, outdoor unit - Air heat pump (Product code: KA35XR0EW)

  • Climate

    type inverter
  • Air Conditioning

    Refrigerant R32
    Operating Temp Range (cooling) -15 - 50 °C
    Operating Temp Range (heating) -22 - 24 °C
  • Dimensions

    33 kg
    height 58.5 cm
    width 81 cm
    depth 28 cm
  • General parameters

    manufacturer Hisense
    special characteristics Outdoor unit chassis heater
    noise power 62 dB
    sound pressure 54 - dB


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