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Racing wheel Thrustmaster T150 RS for PS3 / PS4 / PC
  • Racing wheel Thrustmaster T150 RS for PS3 / PS4 / PC
  • Racing wheel Thrustmaster T150 RS for PS3 / PS4 / PC
  • Racing wheel Thrustmaster T150 RS for PS3 / PS4 / PC
  • Racing wheel Thrustmaster T150 RS for PS3 / PS4 / PC

Racing wheel Thrustmaster T150 RS for PS3 / PS4 / PC

Product code: 4160628 Brand: Thrustmaster

Racing wheel T150 RS for PS3 / PS4 / PC, Thrustmaster / 4160628

This high quality racing wheel is compatible with PlayStation 3 and 4 and PC, so with the Thrustmaster T150 RS you are ready for next gen racing!

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PlayStation®4-certified embedded software and PS4™/PS3™ sliding switch
• Official embedded software: the racing wheel is automatically recognized by the PS4™ console
• Compatible in the console’s menus
• PS4™/PS3™ sliding switch for optimal compatibility on both systems

Also compatible with PC
• PC compatibility (Windows® 10/8/7/Vista/XP) ensured thanks to the Thrustmaster drivers

1080° Force Feedback base featuring Immersion TouchSense® technology

• Drive system with adjustable Force Feedback lets you feel every detail while you’re racing: the road or track’s relief, loss of tire grip, braking, bumps and impacts, etc.
• Rotation angle adjustable from 270° to 1080°!
• Very precise wheel: optical reading with 12-bit resolution (i.e. 4,096 values on the wheel’s steering axis)
• Mixed belt-pulley and gears system: smoother, more fluid and less noisy than helical gears, with metal ball-bearing axle for enhanced sturdiness
• Internal memory and upgradeable firmware
• Robust and versatile attachment system, compatible with all mounts (desks, tables, etc.)
• Compatible with the Thrustmaster T3PA* pedal set and the Thrustmaster TH8A* shifter

Realistic wheel

• Built-in official buttons for PlayStation®4 (PS/SHARE/OPTIONS): access social functions, switch between the game and the system, navigate through the console’s menus, etc.
• 11”/28 cm in diameter, with an ergonomic design perfectly adapted for all driving games GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally, etc.)
• Rubber-coated wheel grips
• 2 large, wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters: 5”/13 cm tall – 100% metal – Tact switch with life cycle exceeding 500,000 activations
• Comprehensive driving gear: 13 action buttons (including 2 on the base) + 1 D-Pad

Large, optimized pedal set

• Pedals with wide foot rest
• Each pedal’s angle of inclination can be adjusted
• Brake pedal with progressive resistance

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    • Küsimus

      Kas seade töötab PC peal ka Rocket League ja F1 mänguga?

      7/16/2016 4:38 AM
    • Tarvikute tootejuht

      Saab eraldi juurde muretseda sellised pedaalid:

      4/18/2016 9:23 AM
      Jan Rist
    • Küsimus

      Selles komplektis on ainult kaks pedaali. Kas on võimalk juurde osta 3 pedaaliga?(Sidur, pidur, gaas) Mida ma selle all mõtlen on see et kas selle rooliga on võimalik ühendada 3 pedaali (ja käigukast, kui võimalik)?

      4/15/2016 4:46 PM
    • Mõistliku hinnaga rool

      Kui ei ole just soovi 400 eur välja käia rooli eest, siis on just see rool hetkel parim valik. Ise olen juba seda rooli kasutanud varsti pool aastat. Kolmandal kuul läks aga rooli laua külge kinnitamise mehanism katki ja pidin rooli garantiisse saatma. Soovitan kõigile soojalt väga ettevaatlikult seda laua külge kinnitada. Pigem las jääda veidi lahti, kui et selle ära lõhute jõuga. Muidu on rool igati korralik oma hinna kohta.(FFB, labad ja gripid on igati korralikud ja kvaliteetsed.)

      4/12/2016 7:41 PM
    • Tarvikute tootejuht

      Järgmine nädal tuleb ka Pärnusse

      3/3/2016 9:03 AM
      Jan Rist
    • Küsimus

      Kas seda Pärnusse ka tuleb?

      3/2/2016 2:30 PM
    • Tarvikute tootejuht

      Tere Raiko - tootja sellist infot välja pole kahjuks toonud

      3/1/2016 10:06 AM
      Jan Rist
    • rool

      kas rool käib kaks ja pool ringi ühele ja teisele poole?

      2/29/2016 8:10 PM