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Bosch, 10 kg + 9 kg - Washing Machine + Clothes Dryer

Bosch, 10 kg + 9 kg - Washing Machine + Clothes Dryer
  • Bosch, 10 kg + 9 kg - Washing Machine + Clothes Dryer

Bosch, 10 kg + 9 kg - Washing Machine + Clothes Dryer

Product code: WAXH2KB1SN+WTX8HKB9 Brand: Bosch
2099 €
2159 €

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Washing machine
• 4D Wash System: highly efficient water and detergent penetration for spotless results.
• 10 kg VarioDrum: enough space for big loads or large items
• Home Connect: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life.
• Automatic programmes: adjust the wash for the fabric type and degree of soiling.
• EcoSilence Drive™: quiet and energy-efficient drive, with a 10-year warranty.

• AutoClean technology with no door filter to skip fluff cleaning regularly keeping top efficiency.
• Smart Dry: automatically selects the best drying program based on the last washing cycle.
• Iron Assist: Extra steam treatment to smoothen dried laundry, or even skip ironing.
• AutoDry: gently dries laundry to precisely the degree of dryness you want.
• AntiVibration Design: extremely stable and extraordinarily quiet thanks to special vibration protection

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Washing machine

i-DOS Automatic dosing

Get maximum efficiency for your laundry care with the i-DOS automatic dosing system. Just fill up the detergent and softener compartments once, and the i-DOS sensors will measure out the precise amount of detergent and water for each load, wash after wash. So it saves detergent, and prevents unnecessary rinsing.

4D Wash System with Intensive Plus
The 4D Wash system adds a new dimension to your wash. Our highly efficient 4D Wash System combines Direct Water Spray with extra Spin Wash for the most efficient and effective use of detergent and water. The result: a spotless wash, even when the drum is fully loaded, thanks to its efficient water and detergent fabric penetration. For heavily soiled garments, you may need an extra boost. Simply select 4D Wash System Intensive Plus to intensify the washing cycle.

10 kg VarioDrum
Our large drum allows water and detergent to be distributed evenly and efficiently during the wash. Now you can wash up to 10kg of laundry with our large VarioDrum; enough space for the laundry to move gently, even for big large laundry items like bedspreads or bed linen. The result: 10 kg of perfectly clean laundry.

Home Connect
The future has arrived and it’s knocking on your front door. Home Connect brings smart technology to your appliances and lets you control them with your phone or tablet.

No one enjoys doing the laundry – especially when you're in a hurry and have to wait for it to finish. Bosch washing machines with the Home Connect app give you complete control over your laundry. Simply use your mobile device to conveniently control and monitor your machine remotely. With access to your washing machine on the go, you can run your home the way you like, even if you aren’t there.

Your washing machine keeps you in the loop.
Waiting around for your laundry to finish can waste time and cause stress – especially if you have a busy schedule. Home Connect puts your mind at ease and helps you be more productive with your time. It can send push notifications from your appliance directly to your mobile device, conveniently letting you know the current programme status, as well as other useful information. Multitasking in and out of the home just got a little easier.

Service gets smarter.
It can be stressful if your home appliances aren't working properly. Remote Diagnostics is here to help*. Simply call the Home Connect Hotline and make an appointment for a remote diagnosis. The service team can then remotely screen your appliance, locate the problem and give you the advice you need. If necessary, a technician can come to your home to fix the issue, with all the right parts already in hand. Smart support, smart solutions. *Subject to local availability.

Your washing machine does what you tell it.
Thanks to our partnership with Amazon Alexa, you can now control your washing machine by voice. Please find out if the relevant ‘Home Connect’ skill in the Alexa app is available for your country and language. Activate the skill to establish a connection between Amazon Alexa and your washing machine.

Easy Start Guide
Selecting the right programme for your laundry can not only be confusing, but can often result in less than perfect cleaning results. Home Connect with Easy Start Guide function takes the guesswork out of this job and always recommends the right program to you - directly from your mobile device. Every time. And with every wash. The only thing you need to do is enter your laundry´s colour, material type and degree of soiling in the Home Connect app. So you can easily choose the right programme and get perfect results, wash after wash.

EcoSilence Drive™ Warranty
Don't let your washing machine intrude on your dinner. Bosch’s EcoSilence Drive™ is so quiet that sometimes you might forget it's even on. The brushless, energy-efficient motor is quiet in operation, has an especially long life and comes with a 10-year parts warranty.

Hygiene Plus
Sometimes clean just isn't clean enough. That’s why we developed the Hygiene Plus programme. It keeps the temperature during the wash cycle constant and an additional rinse cycle is added to ensure hygienically clean laundry, killing germs and house dust mites especially effectively. The result: hygienic washing results that kill 99,99% of common germs even at 40°C.* *Bosch washing machines with the ‘AllergyPlus’ wash program at 40° and 60° fulfill scientifically recommended conditions for 99,99% of germ reduction for Enterococcus Hirae and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, according to Honisch et al. 2014, "Impact of wash cycle time, temperature and detergent formulation on the hygiene effectiveness of domestic laundering.” Conducted by University Rhine-Waal

When time matters, washing machines with SpeedPerfect cut the washing time by up to 65%* without compromising results. SpeedPerfect can be used in combination with most programmes, and with all load sizes and fabric types. For example, select the Mix Programme along with SpeedPerfect, and you can thoroughly wash up to 4 kilograms of mixed laundry in just 46 minutes. *Difference between the duration of Easy Care Programme 40°C and the duration of Easy Care Programme 40°C in combination with SpeedPerfect option.

Vario Drum System
Your favorite or delicate clothes can end up ruined wash after wash. The unique, patented VarioDrum system structure gently and efficiently wash all types of clothing by evenly water distribution and without stretching, creasing or damaging your most beloved items. Depending on the selected programme, the droplet-shaped design and the asymmetrical paddles gently rotate your laundry to the centre, regardless of the rotation direction. This not only ensures an intensive clean for more heavily soiled garments, but a quicker, more thorough clean for the entire load.

ActiveWater Plus
No matter how little you wash. Our ActiveWater Plus technology delivers perfect results while only using the precise amount of water needed for every wash. For highly efficient use of water even with smaller loads. Thanks to its highly efficient water management technology, the exact load is automatically detected and then the water consumption is precisely adjusted. Save up to 50% of water when washing smaller loads.* *ActiveWater Plus automatically adjusts water consumption to load. Comparing water consumption of Eco 40-60 with quarter vs. full load per cycle.

Reload function
Forgot to add a kid’s sock, or a stray t-shirt? No problem! The Reload function lets you easily add or remove clothes during wash cycles*. Just press the Reload button and open the door, then add your forgotten items and continue the wash. *As a safety feature, you can’t use Reload if the suds are hotter than 50°C or the water level is too high.

DrumClean Reminder
The drum cleaning programme is ideal for cleaning and maintaining the drum, hygienically clean. After 20 cycles operating under 40° C the washing machine/washer dryer will automaticallyremind to clean the drum using the drum clean programme.

Bosch AquaStop warranty offers protection against water damage for the appliance’s lifetime. Our washing machines with the AquaStop System consists of a special double-walled feed hose, a safety valve and a floor tank with float switch  preventing water damage of any kind, whether in the supply hose or from a leak in the machine. * Please find warranty terms under [please insert here the local URL (internet address, e.g. <BSHM_BMRKbrandlookup(A01,A02,A03,A04,A13,A15,A18,A23,A31,A41,A61)> but with the direct page with the warranty terms)]&#x22; LOCAL TASK to update this legal footnote.

Anti-Vibration Sidewall
The innovative AntiVibration design of the side walls is not only eye catching: the system also provides more stability and reduces vibration. The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels, making Bosch washing machines very quiet, even during the spin cycle.

TimeDelay Function
TimeDelay Function: select the time within the next 24 hours when your laundry needs to be ready.


AutoClean technology

Our precision-engineered AutoClean dryers have replaced the door filter with an automatic fluff removal technology, so you can skip fluff cleaning after every load. With this technology fluffs are automatically blown to the lower part of the appliance, the condenser gets regularly flushed and the fluff is safely stored into a special fluff collector which only needs emptying after up to 20 cycles; this means up to 95% less fluff removal than in a dryer with door filter*. There’s a handy alert to clean it. *Based on 160 cycles/year in standard cotton programme accordingly to the EU regulation 392/2012. Figures might vary depending on usage behavior.

Smart Dry wireless technology
Selecting the right drying program that fits your laundry best can be complicated. Now with Smart Dry with Home Connect, the drying program is selected automatically based on the information from the last washing cycle. This wireless technology enables a communication between the washer and the dryer, without the need of an external device or app. The load, type of fabric and the level of moisture are considered for the drying program choice. The smartest way to perfect drying results.

Iron Assist programmes
Reduce your ironing pile at the press of a button. Bosch AutoClean dryers feature a steam treatment for dried garments so you can reduce, or even skip ironing them. The natural mist permeats the preheated textile and visibly smoothes the laundry. You can choose between three steam programs that use a predefined amount of steam that has been optimized for different loads like suits worn a few times or shirts and blouses.The most convenient way to do your laundry.

Bosch tumble dryers and washer dryers with AutoDry dry up to ten kilograms of laundry especially gently and just to the level of dryness you want, whether that's dry enough to iron, to put away, or extra dry. Its sensors constantly measure the temperature and remaining moisture and thus protect your laundry from excessively high temperatures and overdrying.

AntiVibration Design
The innovative AntiVibration side walls are specially designed to provide more stability and optimally reduce vibration. The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels, making Bosch dryers extraordinarily quiet even for a calm and peaceful yoga class.

Eco friendly gas
Our new heat pump dryers range features a new and more environmentally friendly cooling agent R290. This is the world's most eco-friendly, natural cooling agent available in the market.

ComfortControl: clear, simple operation.
An intuitive user interface and LC display provide you with a full overview and make operation absolute childs play.

Smart Energy Management
We all get to choose our home appliances, but we don´t always have a say when it comes to energy usage. Home Connect´s FlexStart option allows you to use your Bosch home appliances in the most efficient way. If you are using an EEBUS-based energy management system for your smart grid connection or photovoltaic collector, you can now choose the timeframe in which your home appliances are supposed to operate - easily, with the Home Conenct app on your mobile device. Your Smart Energy Management system then automatically uses the best available energy source for the operation of your home appliances. Finally, home appliances that adapt to your green thinking.

Easy Start. The right recommendation for the right job.
Selecting the right program for your dryer can not only be confusing, but can also result in less than perfect results. Home Connect with Easy Start function takes the guesswork out of this job and always recommends the right program to you – directly from your mobile device. The only thing you need to do is enter the textile characteristics and set the drying target in the Home Connect app. So you can easily choose the right program and get perfect results. Every time.

Your appliance listens to you.
Thanks to partnering with Amazon Alexa, your dryer can be controlled by voice as well. Please find out, if the relevant “Home Connect” skill within the Alexa app is available for your country & language. Activate the respective skill to establish the connection between Amazon Alexa and your home appliance.

Sensitive Drying System
With the SensitiveDrying System, the laundry is dried by mild, warm air coming from all sides and gently mixed by the curving soft carriers, instead of lying flat on the fabric-friendly drum structure. The result is gently dried laundry, soft and fluffy without creases.

Allergy Plus
Clothes that are not cleaned properly often carry allergy particles that can cause skin irritations. That’s why we developed AllergyPlus to reduce effectively as many allergen residue as possible. That means less pollen particles, animal hair, and dust mites in your clothes.  This program is ideal for allergy sufferes and sensitive skins.

Wool basket
Wool clothing can be looped loosely around the wool basket, which is then suspended in the dryer making felting and shrinking a thing of the past. While saving up to 75% of drying time, the basket can also be used for other delicate garments and sports shoes.


Bosch Series 8, 10 kg, depth 59 cm, 1600 rpm - Front Load Washing Machine (Product code: WAXH2KB1SN)

  • Washing machine

    installation type free-standing
    energy class B
    energy consumption 59 kWh/100 cycles
    max. load capacity 10 kg
    program length
    239 min.
    water consumption per cycle 47 L
    spin speed 1600 rpm
    spin performance class A
    noise level (washing) 49 / (spin-drying) 74 dB
    airborne acoustical noise emission rating B
  • Functions

    general washing programs rinse + centrifuge, cotton, synthetics, centrifuge, cotton eco, drain, no spin, mix, wool, gentle wash, rinse
    special washing programs jeans, quick wash, tub clean
    additional washing programs easy care, delicates
    systems AquaStop
    , SpeedPerfect, I-DOS
    , Home Connect
    functions lighting, delayed start, child lock, Wi-Fi, Add additional garments feature
    additional functions voice control, ActiveWater Plus, drum clean reminder, remote start, energy and water consumption indication, overdosage indication, anti crease function at the end of the program
  • General parameters

    produced Germany
    display LED
    washing machine type front-loader
    panel language swedish
    producer Bosch
    colour white
    number of the regulation 2019/2014
  • Dimensions

    width 59.8 cm
    height 84.8 cm
    depth 59 cm
    82.2 kg
    total depth
    63.2 cm

Bosch Serie 8, 9 kg, depth 61.3 cm - Clothes Dryer (Product code: WTX8HKB9SN)

  • Dryer

    dryer type heat pump
    installation type free-standing
    annual energy consumption 259 kWh per year
    energy class A++
    condensation efficiency A
    max. drying capacity 9 kg
    drum capacity 112 L
    cycle lenght
    136 min.
  • Functions

    drying programs quick drying, mixed materials, wool drying, shirt / blouse, cotton, synthetics drying, cool air
    additional drying programs allergy program, towels, steam
    systems AutoDry
    , Home Connect
    functions drying basket, lighting, delayed start, child lock, wrinkle reduction, Filter cleaning indicator
  • Dimensions

    width 59.8 cm
    height 84.2 cm
    depth 61.3 cm
  • General parameters

    produced Poland
    panel language swedish
    display LED
    noise power 62 dB
    special characteristics AutoClean technology, digital count down indicator
    color white
    producer Bosch


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