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Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob

Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
  • Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob

Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob

Product code: PIX63KHC1Z Brand: Bosch
659.99 €


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The DirectSelect hob with PerfectFry Plus sensor ensures perfect results for all types of cooking. FlexInduction technology allows flexible adjustment of the cooking area according to the size of the cookware, while PerfectFry Plus monitors the pan temperature to prevent burning. Smart technology and ease of use make this hob an ideal choice for both experienced chefs and beginners.

• DirectSelect: easy selection of cooking zone, power level and additional functions.
• FlexInduction: more flexibility on your hob for large pots and pans.
• PerfectFry Plus: no more worrying about scorching.
• Easy Flex Zones: adjusts cooking zones to your needs.
• Smart Hood Automatic: a matching hood automatically adjusts on your hob settings while cooking.

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Product name Bosch, Series 6, frameless, black - Built-in induction hob
Price 659.99 €
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You want to whip up great meals, not wrestle with complicated controls? That's where DirectSelect comes in. Thanks to the intuitive control panel and the supportive lightline, DirectSelect allows you to select the cooking zones and set the specific power level you want - direct, quick and easy.

FlexInduction lets you combine two zones into one evenly heated surface. Your hob automatically detects the size and position of cookware that’s in the zone. Whether you want to make a pot of espresso, or warm a large roasting tray, your hob heats all types of cookware precisely and efficiently.

PerfectFry Plus
The right temperature is crucial for frying. Too high will make even the best steak fry too quickly or scorch it. With PerfectFry Plus this belongs to the past. The PerfectFry Plus sensor displays and continuously monitors the pan’s temperature to prevent scorching. And this works for many other dishes: you choose from 11 predefined temperatures in a range from 70 up to 220 °C for perfect results every time.

Easy Flex Zones
Adjusting cooking zones is now so easy, even when moving the cookware. Your hob detects the position and size of your cookware and automatically resizes the cookzone accordingly. And once you move your pots or pans to another position of the hob, the cookzone settings will be automatically transfered from the previous to the new postion with just a short confirmation.

Smart Hood Automatic
Now you can just focus on your way of cooking. The matching hood is automatically controlled by the hob and a connected Home Connect account. This happens based on an algorithm that adjusts the power of the hood based on the settings of the hob. Your kitchen is free of odors and vapor and you never have to clean finger prints on the hood. That´s the new easy way to cook.

Favourite Button
Now everyday routines like cooking your perfect 5:45 minutes boilded eggs become even easier. With the favourite button you can store your perfect combination of settings, like power level and timer. Or you add the hood light control of your matching hood. Simply connect your hob with your Home Connect account and you start your day the easy way.

Remote Diagnostics
It can be stressful if your home appliances don’t work the way they’re supposed to. Remote Diagnostics is here to help. Simply call the Home Connect Hotline and make an appointment for a remote diagnosis of your connected appliance via the Internet. With your permission, the Bosch customer service can then remotely screen your appliance, locate the problem area and give you the clear advice you need. In the event that the problem can not be solved this way, a Bosch service technician can be informed and come to your home to resolve all the issues, equipped with all the necessary parts already in hand. Smart support, smart solutions - at the touch of a button.

Frying Sensor Assistant
Setting the right temperature is now easier than ever. The Frying Sensor Assistant allows you to cook your favorite recipe to perfection. Simply choose a recipe in one of our recipe apps or ask Alexa for the right temperature. The right temperature setting for the PerfectFry Plus frying sensor will be send to your hob and you can start cooking straight away. With its advanced sensor technology, it automatically steers the temperature in your pan, ensuring that you never burn your meals again.

Cooktop-based Hood Control
Overwhelmed with too many interactions while cooking? With the smart Cooktop-based Hood Control and a connected Home Connect account you can focus on cooking. Once your hob is activated, your hood is also switched on and starts extracting the annoying steam as soon as you start cooking. When you’re done cooking, the hood automatically switches off after a brief run-on time, so you can be sure that unpleasant kitchen odours really do disappear. With just one set of controls, you control it all: your hob and your matching extractor hood.

Power Boost
When you want to get quick and easy meals on the table even faster, Power Boost can help. This practical feature adds a boost of power for ultra-quick heating. Use it on your induction hob to boil large quantities of water – and heat up to 35% faster compared to the highest power level.

Pause function
Does something else sometimes require your attention while cooking? Now you can pause the heating and block all buttons on the hob. No matter whether the doorbell rings, a call comes in or you just want to clean the glass surface in between. Simply continue cooking latest after 10 minutes.

Quick Start
Would you like to start cooking quickly and intuitively? The Quick Start function detects where you have placed the cookware and after switching-on, it automatically selects the corresponding cooking zone on the control interface. You can get started straight away and select the desired cooking level for your cookware without delay.

If something goes wrong or boils over, the hob automatically turns itself off and saves the last selected setting. This means you can clean it conveniently and restore the settings at the touch of a button.

Timer with switch-off function
Timer usage in its consummation. Once the set time is over, the assigned cooking zone is turned off automatically. This saves you another hand movement.

Child Lock
Now kids can no longer turn on the hob by mistake. The Child Lock function prevents unauthorized use of the hob with just one long press of a button.

Induction Technology
Induction hobs generate heat only where it is needed – in the base of the pan. What does this mean for you? More safety and more convenience. The lower temperature keeps both big and little hands safe from burning. Not only that, but an induction hob saves in average 20% energy compared to a glass-ceramic hob, while e.g. boiling two litres of water twice as fast.


  • General parameters

    special characteristics PerfectFry Plus, Easy Flex Zones, remote diagnostics, pause function, favourite button, switch-off timer, Wifi and Home Connect
    edges facet edge
    produced Spain
    colour black
    manufacturer Bosch
  • Hob

    hob type induction
    hob controlling from hob
    number of burners 4
    functions automatic cut-off, child lock, residual heat indicator, PowerBoost, StayWarm, DirectSelect, automatic pot/pan detection, QuickStart
    , ReStart
    , Smart Hood Automatic
    total power 7400 W
  • 1st heat element

    type induction
    diameter 23 cm
    max. power 3700 W
  • 2nd heat element

    type induction
    diameter 21 cm
    max. power 3700 W
  • 3rd heat element

    type induction
    diameter 23 cm
    max. power 3700 W
  • 4th heat element

    type induction
    diameter 14,5 cm
    max. power 2200 W
  • Dimensions

    width 59.2 cm
    depth 52.2 cm



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