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Product code: 17587

Smart sensor starter kit Xiaomi


Smart sensor starter kit Xiaomi

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Starter kit includes:

• Mi Control Hub
• Mi Wireless Switch
• 2x Mi Window and Door Sensor
• 2x Mi Motion Sensor

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Smart sensor starter kit Xiaomi

Smart sensor starter kit Xiaomi


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This is the Gateway alias control unit, where you can connect all the sensors from the set, but also other Xiaomi sensors and smart devices that you can find in our offer. The individual sensors constantly communicate with the control unit and send the current status, which you find when the Mi Home application is turned on. Motion sensors or doors trigger an alarm or light on the control unit when recording motion and can send a notification to the mobile phone. For each sensor, you can choose your own alarm sound, so you can easily find out what's going on without having to open an app.

A simple device that you place on a door or window. No complicated installation is required, only the two parts of the sensor stick to the desired location and connect to the control unit. Activation will result in movement or disturbance of the area in the monitored area. Through the application, you then set what happens after activation (triggering the alarm, responding to other smart devices, etc).

Small, portable device that detects the movement of people and pets. As with other sensors, it is possible to set different actions when connected to the control unit when the sensor is activated.

Another way to conveniently control a smart home. Simply pair the controller with the application, set the desired action (eg, trigger the alarm) and then simply control it with a simple touch of your finger.

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