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Product code: 21973-56

Toaster Russel Hobbs Legacy Floral


Toaster Russel Hobbs Legacy Floral

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Toaster Russel Hobbs Legacy Floral / 21973-56

Be captivated by the ornamental flowering swirls on the Legacy Floral Toaster. Its nature inspired embellishments create a charming and fanciful design on a pure ice white base. Admire the decorative swirls that blossom around the curving sides of the toaster every time you enjoy a slice of perfectly toasted bread. Replace the sad, wilting flowers on your kitchen worktop and instead make your statement in style with the bold and thriving floral toaster that not only decorates your kitchen but delivers delicious toast.

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Toaster Russel Hobbs Legacy Floral

Toaster Russel Hobbs Legacy Floral


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The Legacy Floral White Toaster has more benefits than just beauty. If you’re making your partner breakfast before work or you need to make your little ones an extra snack after school, the fast toasting technology* means you can spend less time toasting and spend more time together.

Extra wide slots
Whether you prefer ready-sliced bread or a full, freshly baked loaf, the extra wide slots can toast whatever slice you like.

Adjustable browning
We all have different tastes. Some like their crumpets extra crunchy, while others like their toast with just a light, golden glow. Our adjustable browning control gives you total control, so everyone can choose the brown they like best.

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