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Product code: HR3705/10

Mixer Philips Daily Collection


Mixer Philips Daily Collection

Mixer Philips Daily Collection / HR3705/10

New Daily mixer makes baking easier for fast, delicious results every time. Prepare cake mixes and batters up to 20% faster. Lightweight, ergonomic design makes all your mixing easy and comfortable.

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Mixer Philips Viva Collection

Mixer Philips Viva Collection


32.99 €

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Cone-shaped beaters
Cone-shaped beaters work up to 20% faster* — covering a larger surface area in less time and incorporating air into the batter for a smooth, fluffy texture.

Cord clip
The cord wraps around and fixes into place with a clip for tidy storage.

Stainless steel accessories
The mixer comes with two pairs of beaters in high-quality, dishwasher-safe stainless steel.

Easy-to-attach accessories
Easy-to-attach accessories click into place.

Large eject button
Release the beaters or dough hooks with one touch of the large, clear eject button.

Lightweight, ergonomic design makes mixing comfortable and easy.

Non-slip grip
Non-slip grip for easy handling.

Easy clean-up
Smooth surfaces and dishwasher-safe accessories make for fast, easy cleaning.

XL controls for easy-to-change
XL controls for easy-to-change settings.

5 speeds + Turbo
A selection of 5 different speeds lets chose just the right setting for every task.

Easy assembly
Beaters and dough hooks attach easily with a click you can hear so you know you've done it