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Product code: FGBHT-001+FGBRS-001

Heat Controller Set Fibaro (HomeKit)


Heat Controller Set Fibaro (HomeKit)

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Fibaro Heat Controller - the most intelligent thermostat. Ever.

• Apple HomeKit compatible
• Siri voice control
• Bundle includes the heat controller and a controller temperature sensor

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Heat Controller Set Fibaro (HomeKit)

Heat Controller Set Fibaro (HomeKit)


99.99 €

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Individual schedules
Tailor each room to your needs! Ensure maximum comfort by having the temperature of each room programmed to the time of day and to its use by you.

In perfect harmony with your daily rhythm
In the morning. Time to wake up in a comfortable heated room.
An empty house? The system will lower the temperature.
Everybody home! The system will recognize how many people are in a room and set the temperatures accordingly.
At night. The radiator thermostat will lower the temperature for a better sleep and lower utilitie bills.

A cozy house ready for your arrival
The FIBARO System can activate heating when you’re on your way home. Thanks to the geolocation possibilities, the thermostatic radiator head knows the time of your arrival. It will start increasing the temperature at the optimum moment in order to reach the perfect level of warmth when you arrive. This function is perfect if your working hours are irregular or you want to heat that cottage in the country you only use at weekends.

Works with 98% of radiator types
The head works with the most popular types of radiator valves. Thanks to the special adapters that come within the set, it can be mounted on 98% of radiators available on the market.

Easy setup
Setting up the FIBARO Heat Controller does not require professional tools and takes less than a minute. The mobile app leads you through the basic configuration and advanced options are available from the FIBARO system configuration panel. You can mount the smart device yourself or ask a professional installer from the FIBARO partner network for help.

Innovative approach to supplying power
The FIBARO Heat Controller possess comfortable and cost-effective batteries, which can be charged using standard phone or power bank chargers. Once charged, they will work throughout the entire heating season, and if the battery is low, the device will remind you about the necessity to charge it itself. You won’t have to look for or buy new batteries ever again.

Bundle includes Fibaro heat controller FGBHT-001 and Fibaro heat controller temperature sensor FGBRS-001.

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