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Product code: FC8783/09

Vacuum cleaner Performer Silent, Philips

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Vacuum cleaner Performer Silent, Philips / FC8783/09

A clean floor makes a healthier home. The new Philips Performer Silent features advanced nozzle technology to capture dirt and fine dust thoroughly, for a healthy environment. At 66 dB, it is also our most silent vacuum cleaner ever.

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Vacuum cleaner Performer Silent, Philips

Vacuum cleaner Performer Silent, Philips


219.99 €

Monthly payment8 €

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A+AA energy label
This vacuum cleaner is engineered for high performance with low energy consumption. The product is rated A+ on the EU energy label.

Silent vacuuming
This vacuum cleaner is engineered for low noise, so you can vacuum anytime without disturbing anyone else in your home. The product features optimized air channels, buffers and a silent motor, so you can enjoy silent vacuuming. Certified by Quiet Mark.

Allergy Filter
Our clean-air filter system captures 99.9% of fine dust – including pollen, pet hair and dust mites – for allergy sufferers and anyone demanding a higher level of hygiene. Certified allergy friendly by ECARF.

TriActive Pro nozzle
The new TriActive Pro nozzle is the top performing nozzle from Philips - for deep
cleaning on carpets and hard floors. The nozzle seals closely to the floor and reaches deep into carpets, to pick-up even the finest dust.

No-scratch parquet nozzle
Soft brush hairs on our parquet nozzle clean with care and protect your hard floors from scratches.

Long 12-meter reach
With a reach of 12 meters from plug to nozzle, it keeps you cleaning longer without unplugging.

Soft brush at your fingertips
A dusting brush attachment is build right into the handle so it's always ready to use for furniture, flat surfaces and upholstery.

Easy s-bag
S-bags last up to 50% longer and maintain the full suction power of your vacuum cleaner right up to the moment it's full. One bag fits all models, with a sealing mechanism for tidy disposal.

Large 4-liter capacity
The large-capacity dust chamber handles a full 4 liters before the bag needs changing.