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Product code: BSM001

Smoking Chips, Sage


Smoking Chips, Sage

Smoking Chips, Sage / BSM001

4 x 250 ml tins. For use with Sage Smoking Gun BSM600.

• Cherrywood
Gives off a wonderfully rich, smooth, sweet and fruity smoke; a perfect enhancement to Cornish game hens and duck breast, as well as vegetables and any other meats, or blend it with oak for a delicious smoked turkey.
• Oak
The most commonly used commercial smoking wood in the UK, producing a heavy smoky flavour which is great for all red meats, heavy game, and pork. It’s also perfect with sausages or blended with cherry for smoking turkey.
• Hickory
Robust with a strong bacon-like flavour, and is the most popular smoking wood in the USA. It’s great with ribs, pork, brisket and anything with a barbecue sauce.
• Mesquite
Creates a bold smoky flavor with an almost bitter finish; an amazing touch to pork, lamb, or beef. Experimenting with adding flavoured wood chips to the recipe makes grilling even more intriguing and delicious.
For use with model: BSM600, SSM600

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Smoking Chips, Sage

Smoking Chips, Sage


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