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Product code: CCB56400BW

Ceramic cooker, AEG / 50 cm


Ceramic cooker, AEG / 50 cm

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Ceramic cooker, AEG (50 cm) / CCB56400BW

Multifunctional Ceramic cooker with PlusSteam oven function. 

In addition to all your standard oven functions, the PlusSteam button in this SteamBake oven adds steam at the beginning of the baking process. The steam cooking keeps the dough moist on the surface to create a golden color and tasty crust, while the heart stays soft and tender.

In addition to baking crispy and tasty breads, muffins and pies - your roasted chicken, grilled spare ribs and lasagna will get equally deliscious and even cooking results.

• Energy class: A
• Ceramic hob
• 4 individually controlled cooking zones
• Electric oven
• Oven capacity: 58L
• Number of programmes: 9
• Baking functions : turbo grill, baking, traditional baking, defrosting, air mixing, quick grill, lighting, mild baking, hot air mixing

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Delivery indoors
1 - 3 wd 20 €
Delivery to the front door
1 - 3 wd 10 €
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Ceramic cooker, AEG / 50 cm

Ceramic cooker, AEG / 50 cm



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Smooth maturity to the full extent
The oven features a new hot air convection system, which makes the hot air circulate evenly throughout the oven cavity. Thus, the furnace is heated faster and the cooking results are uniform in each part of the oven, always ensuring perfectly finished rye.


Adjustable easy to clean ceramic stove
Together with a versatile cooking zone designed for a different shape, this ceramic stove will work with every task, and the durable glass surface will be clean only in a moment.


Flavors and texture
In the AEG oven you can dry fruits and vegetables. With a drying function and a temperature of 50 ° C to 100 ° C, you can successfully prepare delicious snacks of dried, soft and delicate texture, which also have valuable nutrients.


Preserving steam
Protect and preserve valuable nutrients in your diet - use steam frying.


Better access to all levels of the oven
Telescopic grate drawers in the oven provide better access to everything inside. You can adjust the pull-outs as necessary and change the arrangement of the grate in the oven.