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Hand vacuum cleaner Philips


Hand vacuum cleaner Philips

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Philips handheld vacuum cleaner makes daily cleaning fast and easy. It comes with rechargeable batteries for maximum mobility and the by-packed accessories allow you to clean delicate surfaces and reach the most difficult corners.

Optimal Cordless Performance
• 2-stage filtration system for optimal cleaning results
• Cordless operation gives you 100% mobility
• NiMh battery for daily power usage
Lightweight and easy to use
• Easy to empty dust container
• Lightweight to ensure maximum comfort
• Ergonomic handle design for easy grip
Always ready to clean
• Dust bin chamber for multiple cleaning runs
• Crevice and brush tools allow you to clean everywhere

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Hand vacuum cleaner Philips

Hand vacuum cleaner Philips


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2-Stage Filtration System
The two stage filtration system ensures that, once inside, the dirt cannot escape again. The first filter blocks most of the dirt, while the second filter traps the finer dust particles.

Lasting battery power
The NiMH batteries of the handheld vacuum cleaner guarantee long-lasting power over time, compared to other type of batteries that suffer from memory effect.

Cordless freedom
Thanks to its rechargeable batteries you will be able to clean everywhere without being bound to a power outlet.

Easy-release dust container
The easy-release system of the dust container makes the disposal of dust and dirt hygienic, quick and easy.

Ergonomic handle design
The Philips handheld vacuum cleaner has a looped handle that ensures easy grip for maximum comfort during use.

Crevice and Brush Tools
With the crevice and brush tools, you will be able to really clean everywhere. The soft brush attachment is gentle on delicate surfaces and the crevice tool lets you clean even those awkward, hard-to-reach places.

Advanced dust bin chamber
The advanced dust bin is large enough for you to do multiple cleaning runs without needing to empty it in between.

Lightweight to ensure maximum comfort and minimum effort during your cleaning sessions.