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Product code: 7899CC

Shaver Series 7, Braun / Wet & Dry

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Shaver Series 7, Braun / Wet & Dry / 7899CC

• Wet & Dry - water, foam and gel usage global trend, "gentle to skin"
• Improved Cleaning Center - increased lacquering compatibility by preventing from active heating stress, increased durabilty, shaver completely dries within less than 8h at room temperature
• 10 000 micro-vibration per minutie - captures more hairs with every stroke
• Fully flexible shaving system
• Great for sensitive skin
• Adjust to personal skin type and shaving style
• Charge Li-Ion battery once, shave for 50 minutes

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Shaver Series 7, Braun / Wet & Dry

Shaver Series 7, Braun / Wet & Dry


299.99 €

Monthly payment10 €

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10,000 micro-vibrations per minute - captures more hairs with every stroke
Intelligent Sonic Technology with 10.000 micro-vibrations per minute. Reads your face and adapts to the density of your beard.

Follows contours for maximum facial adaptability
Fully Flexible Shaving System: The amazing adaptability of the shaver head beats even the most problematic contours. How? Individually floating foils and trimmer are mounted on a pivoting head - MicroMotion plus MacroMotion. Cuts hairs as close as 0.05mm to be precise.

Great for sensitive skin
Enjoy the experience of the Braun fully Flexible Shaving System. Individually floating foils and trimmer on a pivoting head for a more efficient shave with less pressure, less repetition, less irritation.