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Product code: 332082

Soda maker AQVIA Balance


Soda maker AQVIA Balance

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Soda maker Balance, AQVIA / 332082

AQVIA carbonatied machines are very user-friendly and require neither electric power nor batteries. It is easy to get started, and the machines are easy to manage, clean and maintain.

A single press is all you need to get carbonated water. If you want more carbonic acid, just press a few more times. The bottle is replaceable with one hand.

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Soda maker AQVIA Exclusive

Soda maker AQVIA Exclusive


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AQVIA® Balance

During 2012, we launched the new AQVIA® Balance carbonating machine. The design of the Balance is similar to the Exclusive model and uses the same technology. All accessories for the Balance and the Exclusive (water and gas bottles) are compatible.
The AQVIA® Balance, like the AQVIA® Exclusive, is a high quality product that is produced in Sweden. The AQVIA® Balance has already been available at select dealers since the end of 2011. It produces an extra 10 lites of carbonated water for consumers. Keep an eye out for it in your shop – and fall in love!
The AQVIA® Balance is supplied with one bottle of AGA carbonic acid, which produces approx. 60 litres of carbonated water.