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Syrup Caramel 750ml, Torani


Syrup Caramel 750ml, Torani

Buttery? Rich? We're sold. This sweet treat conjures up childhood memories of nibbling soft caramel chews. Or perhaps the smell of caramel you love from that small downtown bistro. Point is: caramel makes most everything better. And that drink in your hand is no exception.
Torani Caramel syrup works well in lattes, mochas, and iced coffees.

Delivery indoors
8 - 10 wd 5 €
Delivery to post package terminal
7 - 10 wd 2.99 €
Delivery to store
8 - 10 wd 0 €
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capacity: 0.75 L
General parameters
coffee / tea type: syrup
producer: Torani

Syrup Caramel 750ml, Torani

Syrup Caramel 750ml, Torani


8.99 € 11.99 €/L

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