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Salad Maker Philips Viva Collection
  • Salad Maker Philips Viva Collection
  • Salad Maker Philips Viva Collection
  • Salad Maker Philips Viva Collection
  • Salad Maker Philips Viva Collection

Salad Maker Philips Viva Collection

Product code: HR1388/80 Brand: Philips

Fresh homemade salads made easy
Perfect results in any shape and size in seconds

The Philips SaladMaker combines a powerful 200 W motor with 6 stainless steel disk inserts. It can cut your favorite ingredients in any shape and size. Preparing your favorite homemade salad just the way you like has never been so easy!

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75.99 €
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6 stainless steel disk inserts
6 disk inserts for slicing, grating and Julienne. Simply choose a disc insert and click it on the disc holder. An additional disk cuts french-fries allowing endless variation.

Direct serve
The large outputs cuts directly into your bowl. Allowing you to make as many portions as you like
in one go.

Dishwasher proof parts
All accessories of your Philips SaladMaker can be put in your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Powerful processing
This Philips SaladMaker offers a powerful 200 W motor allowing you to prepare all your favorite recipes.

XL feeding tube
The XL feeding tube enables easy and fast processing of your ingredients

Maximum versatility
Can process all your favorite ingredients. From vegetables and cheese to potatoes and meat.

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    • hinne 3+ või 4-

      Iseenesest hea abivahend aga võiks olla veel parem. Üks puudus on täiteava korgi ebaõnnestunud disain, välja tõstes pudiseb lõigatud materjali igale poole, peaks siis kasutama kausis, kraanikausis või vannis või paberi peal. Lõiketeradest võiks olla üks suurema auguga riiv ntx keedetud peedi jaoks.

      7/28/2014 4:51 PM
    • Mõnus abivahend köögis

      Väga lihtsalt ja mugavalt saab salateid valmistada. Kergelt kokku ja lahti, vähe osasid, lihtne pesta. Asjalik, soovitan.

      3/8/2014 4:52 PM