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Wireless mouse G903 LightSpeed, Logitech
  • Wireless mouse G903 LightSpeed, Logitech
  • Wireless mouse G903 LightSpeed, Logitech
  • Wireless mouse G903 LightSpeed, Logitech
  • Wireless mouse G903 LightSpeed, Logitech

Wireless mouse G903 LightSpeed, Logitech

Product code: 910-005672 Brand: Logitech

G903 is our most advanced and fully featured gaming mouse. Featuring 1 ms LIGHTSPEED wireless, G903 delivers competition-grade performance, responsiveness and accuracy. Combined with POWERPLAY, G903 operates wirelessly with infinite power, never needing a charging cable.

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Logitech G invented LIGHTSPEED wireless technology to deliver the ultimate in high-performance wireless gaming.

Every component of G903 has been optimized to reduce weight while maintaining strength, from thin wall molding to a spoked hyperscroll wheel design. The result is a fully-loaded wireless mouse that weighs in at only 110g. Maximize comfort over extended periods of use and feel quicker response to motion.

Exclusive clock-tuning technology significantly reduces sensor power draw, so you can play for a continuous 32 hours on a single charge. Battery Assistant in Logitech G HUB keeps you informed about your charge level and gives you an estimate of your remaining battery life.

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    • DO NOT BUY

      Logitech have been using cheap switches on this product(and apparently plenty of other G-series mice). Mine started doing double- and multi-clicking after a couple of months of use. At first happened inconsistently - click hold actions would fail, couldn't drag stuff well. Thought it was a wireless connectivity issue issue, but just recently, just about a year into usage(and of course past warranty) it's become impossible to click anything without double-clicking. For more info look up "g903 double-click" to see other people struggling with this and fixing it by buying better switches, de-soldering the cheap ones included and re-soldering new ones. A ridiculous problem for a 120 eur mouse. It's been a huge disappointment as I've previously always actively preferred Logitech I/O products and this has been the most expensive Logitech mouse I ever got. DO NOT BUY

      8/11/2020 7:20 PM