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Cordless vacuum cleaner Philips Aqua
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner Philips Aqua
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner Philips Aqua
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner Philips Aqua
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner Philips Aqua

Cordless vacuum cleaner Philips Aqua

Product code: XC8149/01 Brand: Philips

Vacuum and wet wipe in one go.

Vacuum cleaning alone is not enough to remove all dirt types. Philips Cordless Stick 8000 Series Aqua is the only one that cleans beyond dust. The specially designed 2-in-1 nozzle vacuums & wet wipes to remove sticky spots and even bacteria.

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569.99 € -30 € 599.99 €

Monthly payment 19 €

19 per month
  • Extended Warranty (2 years) 3 € per month
  • Device Protection (1 year) 5 € per month
  • Device Protection (2 years) 7 € per month
  • Double Protection (2+2 years) 9 € per month

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Unique Aqua nozzle
Your floors are completely clean only after you do a final wet wipe after you vacuum. This
requires effort and time, and more than one tools. What if you could do both jobs at the
same time, with a cordless and agile stick? The Unique Aqua nozzle does not only vacuum, but it wipes dust, dirt and stains in one go.

Remove up to 99% of bacteria
You can even add your favourite detergent in the water tank to remove up to 99% of

Turbo Runtime
If you want to have the best performance, you will always use your cleaning device in the
MAX setting. In a cordless vacuum cleaner, it is not always possible, since the runtime in
TURBO will run out fast. What if you could have a cordless vacuum cleaner that will last enough to cover your full house? Thanks to the longest MAX performance runtime in any
stick, with the newest generation lithium-ion batteries, you can clean more than 125m² on a single charge.

360° suction nozzle
When you clean, you always want to be sure that everything that is on the floor will be
picked up by your device in one go, without passing on the same surface more than once.
The universal 360° suction nozzle captures up to 99,7% of dust & dirt in each stroke, leaving nothing on the floor! Thanks to its patented 360° suction technology, it picks up more dust & dirt from all sides of the nozzle, making all your movements count!

LED Nozzle
What if we told you that your floor is full of hidden dust and dirt? Most of the dirt on the
floor is not visible with the human eyes. Now, dust, fluff, hair, and crumbs are easy to spot
and capture, due to the LED lights in the nozzle. LEDs in the nozzle reveal hidden dust
and dirt, to help you cleaning everywhere at any moment.

PowerCyclone 10
Philips PowerCyclone 10 is our latest bagless technology, now incorporated in a cordless
vacuum cleaner. PowerCyclone 10 will maintain stronger suction for longer, with 30%
higher efficiency.

Easy control of the motor
PowerBlade digital motor generates extreme airspeed enabling the nozzle to pick more dust
and dirt from all sides. Thanks to the Smart Digital Display, you can always control the
motor and adjust its speed to your needs! Our Smart Digital Display will also show you when the filter needs to be cleaned. The filter cleaning indicator will help you take care of
the maintenance of the product, always ensuring the highest performance.

Different surfaces require different nozzles and accessories. In Philips sticks, accessories are
easy to use and always at hand with one click, like the small crevice integrated in the
handheld and the brush attachment integrated in the tube. For any extra needs there is the
mini turbo brush ideal for removing pet hair and the extra long crevice tool for hard to reach

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