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Inhalator Philips Sami The Seal
  • Inhalator Philips Sami The Seal
  • Inhalator Philips Sami The Seal
  • Inhalator Philips Sami The Seal

Inhalator Philips Sami The Seal

Product code: 1093268 Brand: Philips

Inhalator Philips Sami The Seal / 1093268

The Philips Respironics Sami the Seal pediatric compressor is shaped like a seal to appeal to children, their parents and pediatricians, and to support aerosol therapy compliance. It partners with our highly efficient SideStream nebulizers.

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Two configurations for flexible use
To meet different preferences, this system can be used either with the SideStream disposable nebulizer only or with the SideStream disposable and SideStream reusable nebulizers.

SideStream nebulizers for fast, efficient drug delivery
SideStream reusable and disposable nebulizers can be used with commonly prescribed respiratory medications and offer fast, efficient and economical drug delivery. Both nebulizers feature venturi technology that provides air flow in addition to that supplied by the compressor, resulting in faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times.*

Character mask appeals to children
For use with the Sami the Seal compressor nebulizer system, the Tucker the Turtle pediatric mask is also designed to appeal to children and support compliance. Tucker can be used with both the SideStream disposable and reusable nebulizers and has been proven to reduce aerosol deposition in and around the eyes.

Bottom-weighted for stability
The compressor is bottom weighted to provide stability and incorporates a docking station for the nebulizer between treatments.

Shaped like a seal to attract children
The playful seal shape and color are designed to attract children and support them in complying with therapy.

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