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Refrigerator Whirlpool (176 cm)
  • Refrigerator Whirlpool (176 cm)
  • Refrigerator Whirlpool (176 cm)

Refrigerator Whirlpool (176 cm)

Product code: W5711EOX Brand: Whirlpool

• 6th Sense technology
• Fast Cooling 
• Antifingerprint 
• Reversible Door
• Electronic control system

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309.99 € -30 € 339.99 €

Monthly payment 11 €

11 per month
  • Extended Warranty (2 years) 2 € per month
  • Device Protection (1 year) 3 € per month
  • Device Protection (2 years) 6 € per month
  • Double Protection (2+2 years) 8 € per month

6th Sense Control
Technology that quickly restores the ideal temperature.
6TH SENSE technology constantly detects temperature variations due to external causes (i.e. door opening) and
quickly restores the ideal temperature for an optimal food preservation both in the fridge and in the freezer.
Avoiding food burns on the food stored in the freezer.

Fresh Box
Creates ideal conditions to store fruit and vegetables.
A drawer to store your fruits and vegetables.

Fast cooling
Fast cooling. The temperature inside your refrigerator drops immediately, when new food is stored. Built-in
sensors automatically adjust cooling temperature, ensuring low energy consumption and prolonged freshness.

290 - 310 l capacity
All the space you need. This Whirlpool fridge-freezer combination is designed to provide all the space you
need to comfortably store your food and drinks.

Easy to clean. Anti-fingerprint treatment ensures fingerprints, dust and scratches are easily removed.
Cleaning is easier than ever.

Energy class A+
Outstanding energy efficiency. With its A+ energy rating, this Whirlpool appliance will allow you to enjoy
both ideal performance and excellent energy consumption.

Reversible Door
For your convenience. This Whirlpool Fridge Freezer features a reversible door, that can be opened from
left or right, for your convenience.

Electronic control system
Pitch-perfect performance. This Whirlpool Fridge Freezer features an Electronic control system that
ensures correct parameter settings at all times, providing the ideal performance and temperature control.

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A+The Effectiveness of the Device is Noticeable at First Sight
Energy efficiency class is a standard classification that is used all over Europe and which is understandable at first sight. Products can be efficiently compared according to classes, starting from A+++ (the most energy efficient class), and ending with D (the most energy-intensive class). The classification of energy efficiency is based on annual energy consumption which is being calculated on the basis of several different parameters.

297Annual Energy Consumption.
Energy consumption of XYZ kW/h per year is based on measurements calculated under standard conditions within 24 hours. Actual power consumption depends on the use of the device and its location.

xWine Bottles Capacity
It contains a certain amount of standard wine bottles of 0,75 l volume.

Volume of the Refrigerating Chamber.
The sum of all the zones of refrigerating chamber that are not marked with stars (that means working temperature is higher than –6°C).

111LThe Volume of the Freezer.
The sum of all the zones of the freezer that are marked with stars (that means working temperature is lower than –6 °C ).

Noise Level.
Not only energy saving helps to protect the environment but also noise level reduction. Noise level reduction up to 3 dB really means noise level reduction in 2 times. For example, a device with noise level 39 dB (А) will be two times quieter than a devise with a noise level 42 dB (А). Energy-saving certificate that shows noise level plays the role of an additional objective indicator basing on which You can successfully choose a product.