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Refrigerator Bosch (203 cm)
  • Refrigerator Bosch (203 cm)
  • Refrigerator Bosch (203 cm)

Refrigerator Bosch (203 cm)

Product code: KGN39VI35 Brand: Bosch

Product is not available in retail stores

• VitaFresh keeps food fresh for longer by providing extremely low temperatures for fish and meat, as well as optimal humidity for fruits and vegetables
• LED lighting - the refrigerator is evenly lit without dazzling and operates throughout the life of the appliance
• Automatic super-freezing: optimally suited for faster freezing of smaller quantities of food, while protecting frozen products from thawing due to temperature rise detection and automatic temperature lowering
• NoFrost - you will never have to defrost again, as this feature provides perfect protection against frosting, saving time and effort
• EasyAccess shelf - pull-out shelf for easy loading and unloading, providing excellent visibility
• Electronic temperature control with LED indication
• Multi Airflow System
• Optical and audible open door warning system

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A++The Effectiveness of the Device is Noticeable at First Sight
Energy efficiency class is a standard classification that is used all over Europe and which is understandable at first sight. Products can be efficiently compared according to classes, starting from A+++ (the most energy efficient class), and ending with D (the most energy-intensive class). The classification of energy efficiency is based on annual energy consumption which is being calculated on the basis of several different parameters.

273Annual Energy Consumption.
Energy consumption of XYZ kW/h per year is based on measurements calculated under standard conditions within 24 hours. Actual power consumption depends on the use of the device and its location.

xWine Bottles Capacity
It contains a certain amount of standard wine bottles of 0,75 l volume.

Volume of the Refrigerating Chamber.
The sum of all the zones of refrigerating chamber that are not marked with stars (that means working temperature is higher than –6°C).

87LThe Volume of the Freezer.
The sum of all the zones of the freezer that are marked with stars (that means working temperature is lower than –6 °C ).

Noise Level.
Not only energy saving helps to protect the environment but also noise level reduction. Noise level reduction up to 3 dB really means noise level reduction in 2 times. For example, a device with noise level 39 dB (А) will be two times quieter than a devise with a noise level 42 dB (А). Energy-saving certificate that shows noise level plays the role of an additional objective indicator basing on which You can successfully choose a product.