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Built-in compact oven Bosch (steam function)
  • Built-in compact oven Bosch (steam function)
  • Built-in compact oven Bosch (steam function)
  • Built-in compact oven Bosch (steam function)
  • Built-in compact oven Bosch (steam function)

Built-in compact oven Bosch (steam function)

Product code: CSG636BS3 Brand: Bosch

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• The compact steam oven with hot air function: lets you combine gentle cooking with the power of hot air
• Added steam function: by adding steam, foods turn out crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside
• Assist: automatic setting of the optimal type of heat, temperature and time for countless dishes
• TFT-touchdisplay: easy-to-use thanks to the control ring with clear text and images
• EcoClean Direct: almost no cleaning is necessary thanks to a special coating of the rear wall that automatically absorbs grime
• LED lighting: perfect illumination of foods with minimum energy consumption

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Steam Function steams so gently that even vitamins stay for dinner
When gently cooked in steam, vegetables stay crisp, while poultry and fish remain juicy and tender. Dishes that are cooked in hot steam not only retain their vitamins and minerals, but also their full, natural flavour. So you can also go easy on the extra seasoning, and use much less salt when cooking. With steam, you can even cook without adding oil or fat.

Steam Oven
Not only do foods cooked in hot steam taste especially tender and juicy - they are also healthier. The flavours, vitamins and minerals are retained. At the same time, the innovative combination of steam and hot air means that its easy to prepare roasts that are juicy inside and crisp outside. Soufflés succeed without any effort, as do bread and biscuits. And: You can cook on three levels at the same time without the cooking smells from the various dishes mixing. Another plus point: Because Bosch steam ovens have integrated water tanks, they dont need to be directly connected to the water supply.

EcoClean Direct
EcoClean Direct, the energy-saving cleaning aid, makes oven cleaning easy. A special coating of microfine ceramic spheres on the back wall breaks down grease spatters while you bake or roast – for the entire service life of the appliance. Saving you time and energy.

Easy to operate TFT-touchdisplay
Our intuitive control ring makes cooking easier than ever. With a small turn of the centre ring, you can adjust any of your oven’s settings with just one finger. You’re supported by the full-surface, high-resolution TFT-touchscreen with clear text and directly selectable buttons. Clear, vivid images and info texts assist and guide you through each step as you navigate the programme options. So you always have a complete overview and perfect control of your oven’s functions.

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside
By adding precisely the right amount of steam exactly at the right moment to the bread, the baking result gets even better. Steam prevents drying out of the food, provides a deliciously crispy crust and keeps the bread fluffy from the inside. Also other dishes, prepared by roasting, re-heating or re-generating turn out more tastefull. Simply fill in the water, which is integrated invisibly behind the liftable control panel in the Serie 8 ovens. The added steam function is controlled automatically.

Precise temperature and baking time settings are simply not to be found in some recipes. But automatic oven settings like the Assist function still guarantee you perfect results. Simply choose your desired dish in the control panel – your oven will then select the ideal heating mode, temperature and preparation time automatically. Perfection at the push of a button.


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A+The Effectiveness of the Device is Noticeable at First Sight
Energy efficiency class is a standard classification that is used all over Europe and which is understandable at first sight. Products can be efficiently compared according to classes, starting from A+++ (the most energy efficient class), and ending with D (the most energy-intensive class). The classification of energy efficiency is based on annual energy consumption which is being calculated on the basis of several different parameters.

Electric oven.

Gas oven.

47LOven Capacity.
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Power consumption for heating the oven without ventilator use.

Power consumption for heating the oven with ventilator use.