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Fotokaamera Fujifilm X-M1 + 16-50 mm objektiiv


Fotokaamera Fujifilm X-M1 + 16-50 mm objektiiv

Fotokaamera Fujifilm X-M1

• Peegelkaamerale omane kvaliteet kompaktses korpuses
• Mahukas 16M "X-Trans CMOS" ja "EXR PROCESSOR II" seisavad muljetavaldava värviesituse ja kõrge resolutsiooni eest
• Kasutajasõbralik ühe käega kasutus ja 3.0-tolline kallutatav LCD-ekraan
• Vahetatavad objektiivid lisavad ennenägematu paindlikkuse
• Juhtmevaba ülekanne võimaldab kohest jagamist nutiseadmega

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Hübriidkaamera Fujifilm X-A10 + objektiiv XC 16-50 mm

Hübriidkaamera Fujifilm X-A10 + objektiiv XC 16-50 mm


479.99 €

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Lisa korvi

Step out with DSLR-style agility
Compact and lighter than a typical DSLR, but delivering uncompromising resolution rivaling its bulky cousins. The classic lines of the small body invite you to take it with you wherever you go. The impact of what the FUJIFILM X-M1 offers will motivate you to get out there and seize every moment.

Capture vibrant detail and color with the world renowned X-Trans CMOS Sensor & EXR PROCESSOR II
Only this originally developed APS-C size sensor can capture your images with Fujifilm signature image quality and color. Featuring sensor architecture that eliminates the need for an optical low-pass filter (OLPF), the X-Trans CMOS Sensor can reproduce scenes with resolution and clarity rivaling a larger sensor. Experience the impact of high-sensitivity / low-noise performance in low-light scenes in all your every beautiful blur-free photos.

Tilting Screen - the Freedom to perfectly frame high or low angle shots
With the ability to tilt the monitor up or down, you can hold the camera overhead to frame and shoot over a crowd, or low down to capture a different perpective from the ground up.

High-performance lens lineup
Fujifilm's precision optical technology and relentless pursuit of the ultimate in image quality have given birth to an impressive and growing lineup of lenses. Each is designed to be the brightest possible, easy to carry with you everywhere and compact. Every lens opens a window into a world of possibilities.