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Return conditions of New & Improved

● The length of the service contract is 12 months. After 12 months you can return the device to Euronics without having to pay the residual value.
● You will be notified when the return period is approaching. You can also find the return period in your New & Improved contract.
● You cannot have any debt to your financial service provider. If you do, it has to be paid prior to returning the device.
● If the device is considered as ''Functional,'' there are no extra costs to returning it. The phone is considered ''Functional'' when:
   • Device has no physical damage. Normal wear and tear is allowed.
   • Device can be turned on and it will stay on.
   • Device is intact with its screen tightly attached to the frame. The device has all the buttons and a SIM tray, and it comes with a charger.
   • Device works as expected. The battery can be charged and the charging port is not damaged. The battery is not swollen.
   • Screen panel is not damaged: it has no dead pixels, color loss, stains or stripes.
   • Everything that limits the phone usage is removed prior to the return (for instance, ''Find my iPhone'' has to be disabled on iPhone's).
● If the device is not considered as ''Functional,'' a deductible has to be paid upon returning the device. The size of the deductible is stated in the insurance policy.
● By returning the device, you confirm that it does not have any hidden flaws or damage.
● If the device has been replaced under warranty in another company, you need to present the proper documents as proof.
● If you choose not to return the device by a return date or you have not asked to pay the residual value, the contract will automatically extend to another 12 months under terms specified in Contract's special conditions and you will continue making the payments.