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Photo printing


You can now print digital photos in Euronics shops by using special photo kiosks. Using kiosk is easy, convenient and secure. Just come to Euronics shop, insert a data storage device into the reader, choose the photos you want to print, and place your order. You can then pick up ready photos in Euronics shop.



Euronics photo kiosks are located:


In Tallinn: Kristiine Euronics, Tammsaare Euronics, Viru Keskuse Euronics,


In Tartu: Lõunakeskuse Euronics,


In other cities:

Valga Euronics

Narva Euronics

Viljandi Euronics

Pärnu Euronics



Suitable data storage: CD disc, USB drive, SD / CF / MS PRO Duo memory cards.


10×15 cm
0,12 €
15×21 cm
0,32 €
21×30 cm
0,65 €


Production time: 7 working days