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Euronics instalments

Euronicsi järelmaks

Ask for a credit limit and decide how to purchase home appliances. You can either use financing or consumer loan for purchasing home appliances.




- Quick answer to your application
- Favorable interest
- Monthly payment from 1 euro
- Premature payment free of charge
- Possibility to transfer personal limit to bank account as a consumer loan


Euronics instalments calculator 

Purchasing sum (€)

Repayment period

Downpayment (%)

Monthly payment

When making purchases using Euronics instalments you receive the product right away. The service can be used for making substantial purchases as well as smaller ones. You can choose the suitable monthly payment amount and the repayment period.


Euronics instalments conditions are flexible and allow you to:
- change the monthly payment
- change the payment date
- get a payment vacation
- repay the loan earlier


Credit limit can be applied for by a person:


- Who is 18-75 years of age;
- Who is a citizen of Estonian Republic or is a citizen of Russian Federation and has a residence permit and resides in Estonia, as well as people who have been issued Aliens passport (grey passport) by the Republic of Estonia, and has a residence permit and resides in Estonia;
- Whose income is at least 250 euros a month.


Ask for a credit limit by clicking here.

Terms & conditions

Interest rate From 14,9% of the hire-purchase
Downpayment From 0€
Credit amount From 100€
Monthly payment From 1€
Contract fee From 9,9€*
Contract duration 3-48 months


General conditions of hire-purchase





In some cases, it is necessary to verify your identity before loan payout. We offer this service in all Euronics stores and in LHV offices. In order to verify your identity, please bring along your personal identification document (passport, ID-card, or driver’s license of the Republic of Estonia, alien’s passport issued by the Republic of Estonia (so-called grey passport), or residence permit card.


NB! Monthly payments are to be paid by the client according to the payment plan to the AS LHV Finance account number EE707700771001062897 (referred to in the special conditions of the contract). The client is sent an invoice at least 5 days prior to payment in a hard copy or an electronic form, based on the choice made when entering into the contract. The downpayment and if necessary the agreement fee is to be paid to AS Antista account referred to in the Order Confirmation sent to you. In the case of consumer loan the agreement fee is deducted from the loan amount and thus a smaller amount will be transferred to customer’s bank account.


Hire purchase

Hire-purchase is provided by AS LHV Finance. Examine the conditions of hire-purchase/consumer loan at the store or on the Internet at Consult an expert, where necessary. 
The annual percentage rate of charge in the case of hire-purchase is 25.64% under the following sample conditions: price of the good/service 650 €, downpayment 0%, credit amount 650 €, annual interest 19.9% (fixed), agreement fee 19.90 €, repayment period 25 mo., payment in the form of monthly annuity payments, total sum of the paymens 819 €.