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Pick up your online orders at an Euronics store with zero contact by using Drive-In delivery. Your order will be placed to the trunk of your car at our Drive-In station. It’s that simple!

Your order is ready for collection after receiving the confirmation message.

Drive-In locations

Tammsaare Euronics
Loading bay located in the courtyard of Tammsaare Euronics

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How does it work?

  • Arrive at Drive-In area
    You will find dedicated signs that guide you to the Drive-In area near and Euronics store.
  • Follow the instructions
    Dial the number from the confirmation message and tell your order number to our employee at the store.
  • Collect your goods
    Our employee will bring your goods to the trunk of your car with no direct contact.

Frequently asked questions

What's Drive-In?
Drive-In allows you to pick up your online orders from the Drive-In area near an Euronics store.

When can I collect my order?
You can collect your order as soon as you receive the confirmation text message. Depending on our stock levels this can take from 1-3 working days.

How can I collect my order at the Drive-In area?
Drive to the Drive-In area and call on the number that you will find in the confirmation message or on the informative sign. Our employee will bring your order and place it into your car.

Do I have to enter the store to collect my order?
Absolutely not. The goal of Drive-In is to avoid direct contacts between our employees and customers. Therefore we kindly ask to not leave your vehicle when arriving at the Drive-In area. To collect your order, simply call on the number that you will find in the confirmation text message or on the informative sign after which we will bring your order to your vehicle.

Which items can I order with Drive-In pickup?
You can order any product from our online store with Drive-In pickup. Please make sure that the items will fit into your vehicle. You can verify the measurements of an item on a product card in our online store under the "Specifications" tab.

Are your stores still open?
Several of our stores are still open with special hours during the emergency situation. You can purchase products on site at these stores as well. We do ask to carefully follow all personal hygiene routines when visiting the stores (desanitize hands when entering the store, up to two people can move together and keep at least two meters of distance with others). Please find more information about our opening hours here here.

Where do you offer Drive-In pickup?
Drive-In is offered in the following stores: Tammsaare Euronics.

Can I use Drive-In at Euronics gift bank?
Not at this moment.

Can I collect my Drive-In order on foot?
Yes, you can but please follow the instructions of our employee extra carefully.