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Built-in steam oven Electrolux
  • Built-in steam oven Electrolux
  • Built-in steam oven Electrolux
  • Built-in steam oven Electrolux
  • Built-in steam oven Electrolux

Built-in steam oven Electrolux

Product code: EOB7S31X Brand: Electrolux

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Thanks to the 800 SteamBoost oven, it’s easy to make the most of flavours. Our multifunction oven lets you add steam on separate levels. Two functions combine steam and heat for baking and roasting, while one function uses just steam – ideal for vegetables and fish.

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699.99 €

Monthly payment 24 €

24 per month
  • Extended Warranty (2 years) 3 € per month
  • Device Protection (1 year) 4 € per month
  • Device Protection (2 years) 7 € per month
  • Double Protection (2+2 years) 9 € per month

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Steam, roast or bake with SteamBoost
SteamBoost uses three different levels of steam. One for baking, one for roasting and crisping, and one that uses full steam. So you can create crusty bread, juicy roasts and succulent fish dishes. Cooking with steam means you can use lower temperatures, which maintains taste, texture and nutrients.

Precision coking with our Food Sensor
Thanks to our Food Sensor, you can achieve perfect results every time. It lets you monitor the cooking process by measuring the core temperature of the food. It will even let you know when your food has been cooked to the desired  temperature and stop cooking.

Complete visibility with our LCD display
Our LCD display puts cooking time, mode and temperature at your fingertips. It gives you access to pre-programmed recipes, so our oven does the hard work for you. Select the meal and our oven will adjust automatically to create the  perfect dish.

Save time with the Fast Heat Up function
Our Fast Heat Up function makes sure the oven is ready when you are. With a shorter pre-heating time compared to conventional heating, you can turn those spare moments into more memorable meals.

Quick and effective, Even Cooking
Our Even Cooking system circulates heat throughout the oven, making sure everything is cooked evenly. All without the need to turn your dish. Our technology means your oven heats up faster saving you time and energy.


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A+The Effectiveness of the Device is Noticeable at First Sight
Energy efficiency class is a standard classification that is used all over Europe and which is understandable at first sight. Products can be efficiently compared according to classes, starting from A+++ (the most energy efficient class), and ending with D (the most energy-intensive class). The classification of energy efficiency is based on annual energy consumption which is being calculated on the basis of several different parameters.

Electric oven.

Gas oven.

70LOven Capacity.
Sisekambri kasutatav ruumala liitrites.

Power consumption for heating the oven without ventilator use.

Power consumption for heating the oven with ventilator use.