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14-day return policy


• Should the purchased product be not suitable to you for some reason, you have the right to return it during 14 days time and get 100% refund (according to Sect. 6 of the General Conditions).


• Return policy does not apply to products ordered in accordance with client's personal specifications or custom-made according to conditions set out by the client. Additionally, products in a closed packaging, which are not subject to return due to hygienic or medical reasons, cannot be returned after the packaging has been removed.


• In odrer to returnt the product, please complete a return form. The product can also be returned in the suitable Euronics store. When returning the product to the store the client pays the defectation fee in amount of €10.


• The sum payed for the returning product will be refunded to the client's bank account in 14 days time, starting from the date of return.


• The returning product shall not be used and must be in its original packaging.